Best way to run multistage?



I wonder what is the best way to run a multistage program like Khan. @SaintSovereign recommended 30 days each level. Then I have also read the advice to run each stage as long as you stop feeling resistance.

So for Khan ST1 I don’t get any resistance but I will likely get some for ST2. @AMASH said he had his breakthrough after 30 days. So I guess this was just coincidence that it happened after 30 days so he could move on to ST3.

What I think would be good is to keep previous stages when moving to the next stage with exception to ST4 (as it already contains 2 and 3).

So when beginning with ST3, I guess it is best to also add a few loops of ST2 so you won’t start again from scratch with ST2 when starting ST4.

Maybe even a few loops of ST1 (healing) would be fine too, but this is just me theorizing.

What’s your take on this guys?


30 days is probably a minimum, but be very careful saying that you’re not encountering reconciliation. It’s a tricky, elusive beast that we should probably write more support content about. Everyone assumes that reconciliation = headaches, depression, etc. It’s much more expansive that this. Reconciliation (and what others call resistance) can also manifest as boredom (this subliminal isn’t doing anything for me, I should switch), anger, or anything else prompting you to switch or quit.

As for anger, it may not even be the type you’re thinking of. It could be self-righteous anger, which I don’t mean in a negative way. While you’re in the midst of the anger, you’re 100% convinced that you’re right about something and everyone else is wrong, and then when it passes, you look back and say “wtf did I do?” I’ve done this SO many times.

The best way to run ANY subliminal is to keep a detailed log – either here, or offline – and BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. It requires self-reflection, which can be really hard. You really have to ask yourself, “am I satisfied with the way [x] is going,” or “have I achieved [x] goal or trait?”

For example, I am STILL suffering from a fear of success that was seemingly ingrained in my subconscious at a very, very young age. It’s getting better, but not at the level I want it to be. If I think of myself as a billionaire, and even a millionaire to some extent, I still get subtle thoughts of “you could never achieve that,” despite all the strides I’ve made in the past 3-4 years in increasing my net worth.

Be honest, take action, don’t worry TOO much about when to switch. One thing I’ve learned is that you’ll always kinda just know.

Khan combined with libertine

cc @DarkPhilosopher, he asked about this


I think if you are running around 250 hours / 30 days should be fine for each stage at least from my very much short experience with khan. I think both criteria should be met. I think if you try to run 250 hours in 11 days will have much less of an impact comparing to 30 days and 250 hours because i think the brain has more time to rest and process. It is an assumption of course and nothing more

You will kinda know it is true. I felt i should have switched both st1 and st2 earlier than i did because i did kinda felt but i wanted to be sure and i kept running a few more days. I would strongly suggest do not jump through stages even though everything is open to expirimentation. I think the time you ll lose and the doubts you will have if you jump stages isnt worth the time lost/gained but this is my opinion


Man you really do just know, they are right. i did ST1 for about 27 days and not even that many hours and i felt an overwhelming feeling that it was time to advance. i didnt understand why i felt this way with so few hours but then a few days later i realized that it was because i did emperor before this which i assume has similar healing because emperor was ROUGH. Khan ST1 actually didnt hit me as hard as it has some people because of this. Now i am going through ST2 which has been a little rough at times but i am seeing alot of mindset changes and fears disappearing. Just my 2 cents.


Maybe that’s a type of reconciliation. “Running away” from ST1 just before the breakthrough so your subconscious is not forced to face its deepest fears.

It’s a possibility to consider. That is why @rising spent more time on each stage to make sure it had sone a good chunk of its work, and enough of it.

You’re doing great work @trypwilliamson btw. I always enjoy your journal and posts.


Thats 100% true. My goal for ST1 was 300 hours and i felt good after 290 hours, then i said just to make sure do 350. St2 felt good around 300 hours but just to make sure i did 320. My goal for ST3 is 270 hours but i am pretty sure i will do 300-350


There is scripting in the program that should give you some effect that it’s time to move on. I remember my ST1. Near the end my subconscious started finding ways of making me forget to listen, I was completely passive, slightly confrontational and generally irritable. Kept that state for several days before I played ST2, which took about 2 days to reset my state to something more agreeable. Of course, something similar happened after about a month of ST2. I was passive all throughout but the confrontational part came back with a vengeance.

I guess that’s just my way of alerting myself. I am disciplined enough to keep listening through subtle hints, so my subconscious throw something at me I won’t ignore. I’m just glad I actually see it happen.


good point. should i add in loops of ST1 or revert back altogether to test


also good point. now im not sure what to do lol


Add more loops of ST1. But try to release pressure by meditating or working out or going for a run or relaxing in a park or something if it becomes too much for you to handle, then return for more growth and listen to more loops of ST1 :wink:



Could anyone tell me the length of each of the Khan stages. I want to know how many loops I can get per night. Also, does sub have both ultrasonic and masked versions or just the ultrasonic?


45 minutes each. And yes, there are both Ultrasonic and Masked tracks.


will do, thanks @AMASH !!!