Best ultima sub for dealing with anger and co workers trying to disrespect you


The obvious answer is commander for co workers trying to disrespect you but just seeing them makes my blood boil, and even the small interactions we have to have I’m triggered, and losing frame. I’m close to loosing it. Any suggestions On a ultima sub for dealing with anger As well as being disrespected by co workers ?
Did I answer my own post with commander being the go to ?


Yes you have! Try it out.


Sanguine is the best choice in my view. The Commander doesn’t let you suffer any sign of disrespect which ends up with anger.


You need a face like the guy in the far left

And a shoulder like this to make those people think before messing with you.


@SubliminalUser @Voytek
I’ll test out both sanguine and commander and will update next Sunday. There’s 2 people who try to disrespect me or if we just don’t talk just seeing them ignore me while standing right next to me makes my blood boil.
For each person I’ll try sanguine and commander 1 one day then the next the other day Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning.
Then for the other person I’ll do the same next Saturday and next Sunday and report back.


Black Pill is valid until we’re talking about pictures on an app.
Real world is another matter. :smile:

Else, Libertine would’ve been useless. :wink:


@Grimm1390, what’s your core stack right now? Any K1 in it?


I have the body Sort of. I was very well built before ms corona came and took a lot of my gains away but not the face lol I have a baby face I’m about to be 30 in a few weeks and can still pass off as a teenager depending on what I wear or if I go fully clean shaven.
I may post a pic of myself before corona virus not sure yet :thinking:


I’m actually not running anything that’s set in stone I was running AM for quite some time and had excellent results in getting work, but as of last Wednesday I stopped running subs daily. Just kinda taking a break


For some reason I don’t know how to upload a pic but I changed my profile pic to myself before corona virus happened, sadly I’m no where near that right now.


There’s an Upload button where we type our posts.
Looks like an Upward Arrow coming out of a Hard Drive.



Measure your bone not your deltoids.
Here is a chart for comparison


Uhh thanks man I was drawing a blank on how to do it. I was having a brain freeze, as for K1 since you brought it up I did run it for a few days about 2 weeks back. I don’t find K1 as harsh as it was when i first ever ran it which was the end of last year I think


How was your first experience with K1? Did u journal ?


Many gym enthusiast look like this becuause they lack the bones


I’d say Commander for…well, Command Presence

Sanguine for coping with fools without losing your cool

Elixir for processing and evolving the elements within yourself that are definitely also supporting the angry reaction.


@Dramond, we’re not even talking about women’s attraction here – just a couple of office assholes. Black pills are not the solution to everything. :smile:


With St1 khan ? I wrote some in my journal on here but more in my notebook. It was just really uncomfortable the first go around. I head heavy reconciliation to switch and felt low energy and like shit. It brought up so many Insecurities to the surface it was unbearable some days, this was before Q btw. Then after like 2 maybe 3 weeks khan st1 was smooth sailing.
Since then Khan st1 is smooth for me now it doesn’t break me down like it once did


I don’t have elixer but do have commander and sanguine and will update 1 week from today, I see both people twice a week so I’ll be doing 1 and 1 one day commander the next sanguine before I have to deal with these childish people


Put your focus and your goal beyond them, rather than on them. Make it your goal to transcend them.

Like learning to ignore mosquitoes.

You need to have something else that is much more interesting and compelling than the mosquito. Otherwise, just saying, ‘I’m not going to react to you’ is not going to do the trick.

What in your office is more important, more compelling, more on your wavelength than them? What is there that when those two people are compared to it just makes them seem trivial and unimportant?

Right now on some level of your mind , they are too important. How do I know? If there were two 5 year olds making funny faces at you, you wouldn’t get angry. You might even think they were cute. But if I turn a dial to make them older, taller, etc., we find the reaction changing. We take them more seriously. But @Grimm1390, these people are a joke. You’re on a higher path. What can remind you of where you’re going and what you’re about?