Best Subliminals For Going from Broke To Not A Joke Money Wise


So I’m convinced to buy subliminals off the site and have been told to get Emperor. However I wanna get whats necessary and even recommended boosters. So I’m determined to just start my life anew and I just turned 28. So what would y’all recommend?


Even though Emperor is very tempting, the general consensus around here is that it is a very tough subliminal to run. The creators of these subs sometimes recommend that you run Ascension or Ascended Mogul first before you try Emperor. But everyone is different. If money is your main motivation go for Mogul or Ascended Mogul.
Ascended Mogul might take longer to manifest than Mogul but it’s a pretty good way to build a foundation for Emperor.

You can also take a look at this page for more info :


What do you mean by tough to run? Also doesn’t Emperor included everything that is in both Ascension and Mogul?


From the link I asked you to check :

Now, keep in mind, EMPEROR is an extremely powerful subliminal, and IT WILL CHANGE YOU TO YOUR CORE AND SHAKE YOUR WORLD TO IT’S FOUNDATIONS. You have been warned.

You can also read this search result :
Like I said everyone is different. Emperor was so challenging for some people that they had to stop for a while and run Ascension instead. Some other people did just fine.

Personally, I’ve been running Ascended Mogul for a few months now. I’ll probably start Emperor soon. I knew that I needed a more solid foundation than where I was earlier this year, so Ascended Mogul was the right choice for me.


I’d need to know a bit more information about your personal goals before even recommending anything. But @ksub is right – don’t jump straight to Emperor because of it’s “power.” I also need to clear up a misconception – Emperor isn’t necessarily hard to run, it’s difficult to master. It’s a sub with a very defined purpose, helping you find success emotionally, romantically and financially by helping you to overcome traditional societal programming. For example, many people will impose an unnecessary internal financial ceiling on their earnings. For me, I spent years chasing the coveted $100k/year, and when I got it, I could never surpass it because I subconsciously believed that was all I could ever make. That manifested through things like – once I hit that limit, I stopped taking the calculated risks that got me there in the first place. Grew docile, stopped talking to other entrepreneurs and wealth builders, etc. And most of all, I felt that people with more money than that could only get it if they did immoral, nasty things.

Your subconscious isn’t going to allow you to turn into something you fear or hate. Emperor has helped me removed those blocks, and that’s why I’m finally breaking through that ceiling. But, when I went into Emperor, I KNEW that was a strong limiting factor because I’ve used subliminals for years, journaled for years, spent lots of time meditating and reflecting. I knew I had to direct energy at it to surpass it.

A product like Ascension, however, it’s a bit more broad in its focus, and first helps you achieve success within the boundaries of society. Most people report things like, getting noticed at work, receiving raises, better romantic prospects and receiving more respect in general. It’s a gentle process that allows you to see what you need to work on to reach the level of success that you want.

So first, evaluate – REALISTICALLY – where you are in life currently and where you want to go, then choose your stack on that.


Emperor is not tough to run. It only gets tough if you sit around the house whilst taking no action then it gets tough because its trying to push you out of your comfort zone.

#7 I typed down my goals and all here.


Gotcha – just took a look. If you can swing it, go for Ascended Mogul + Emperor. Run this stack at the following intervals:

Ascended Mogul x 6
Emperor x 1

Keep a journal (here or private, doesn’t matter, will have the same effect) with your honest thoughts on how things are going.


So both are recommended to buy? Also I saw there was a coupon for 30% off for first time purchases; would that be usable for more than 1 subliminal?


Yes – it’s not just the subliminal you use that determines results, it’s also the mix (what we call the stack). It’s 30% off the entire first order. You’d have to buy both at the same time.


Okay so I just bought them; now is this how it looks on the cycle a day or a weekly basis? And how would I cycle them on a playlist?


Is that both Masked and Ultrasonic? The loop intervals that is


Yep. I know that they are different lengths, but the content is still the same.


Got it and now I know exactly how to set it up. I’ve just been doing ascended Mogul and Emperor back to back on loop


Damn I actually have had thoughts of running ascension instead of emperor but I like a challenge