Best subliminal for popularity and social skills?

Hi there.

I want a subliminal that will give me popularity, more friends and that will make me more outgoing.

I am already listening Primal Seduction and I want to stack.

Which one would you suggest, True Social, Daredevil or something else?

If you want only popularity, Daredevil will be great.
If you want popularity, wealth building, productivity and more, then StarkQ is the best choice.


Daredevil and True Social (for now) it’s your best bet.

Will True Social be enough?

Yes, it’s good enough. True Social works efficiently and reduces social anxiety, plus gives a small easygoing aura when used consistently.


Personally I would use Daredevil or Stark consistently with Primal Seduction and then True Social before you go to a place or event where you would like to be more social.

Of the two subliminals, you will likely see results from Daredevil more quickly as it is a smaller, more focused title.


Thanks guys.

So, how can I stack PS and Daredevil?
Listen 1x PS, then 1x Daredevil once a day?

I guess for me I would put PS and Daredevil in a playlist and let them run one after the other.

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I tried looping for the whole night but I was too tired.

I use set it and forget it, but that no longer seems to be in vogue.