Best subliminal for my needs?


Hey all.

See that Emperor V4 is gonna drop soon, from what I’ve read so far browsing the forum emperor is pretty popular but I need to start as soon as possible so I don’t mind going with Emperor V3 for now if that’s recommended.

I really want to get my life together. I set goals, they don’t happen. I do have motivation to pursue them, including daily habits like working out, cooking meals for myself, etc but I always feel so disorganized and mentally overwhelmed I just choose not to.

I have a huge lack of clarity, I can never decide what I actually want to pursue so either I drop out because of decision fatigue/overwhelm or I jump from one thing to another.

Basically I feel like a leaf in the wind. I’ve been productive before. Working out, dieting, cold showers, nofap, intense deep work study blocks, etc and it was just this huge upward spiral of constantly winning, and losses didn’t feel like losses they just fed my hunger even more. Losses were somehow never framed as losses, any challenges or hardships never detracted from this constant state and results of winning.

I have absolutely no idea where that all went, took a total 180.

I work with people a lot but I don’t need a social subliminal per se, I’m totally focused on changing my life around so the subliminal should ideally not subtract from anything social. I think emperor reduces the social aspect in exchange for more focus on your goals which is absolutely fine by me, but I’m unsure if it makes you less charismatic or anti social in some way. Which wouldn’t be ideal because I deal with people a lot.

Which subliminal do you think would best fit my goal (having that winner effect, constantly achieving my goals and staying consistent with daily practice of my habits, etc)?



Look around you. Do you have a clean workspace? Clean home?

Every item that is out of place, including emails, bills, workout equipment, dishes and so on leaves an “open loop” in your mind. You can have all the goals you want telling you where to go, but if you have too much “stuff” around, your mind is overwhelmed and unable to focus on what’s important to you.

The result is that even though you are motivated to, you can’t seem to get around to actually doing things. Even though you know what your goals are. you have no clue what to do next to accomplish those goals. Even though you get enough sleep, you still feel tired.

And much like positive actions (or weight gain/loss) this builds into a pattern of reinforcement that tells your subconscious to do more of it.

Does this sound at all familiar? Or am I completely off-base? If it is familiar, I may have some tips for you. If not, moving on…

Sounds to me you already looked and have a liking for Emperor. If you do, there’s no harm in getting V3, since the upgrade to V4 is free. It would be a moot point now though, since V4 can drop any moment now. Some of us already have our umbrella out to avoid getting hit when it does. :slight_smile:

Given that you are looking for something all-purpose, Emperor does seem like a decent choice. The multi-stages may have more push to taking action in two of the stages, but you already have that programming, it has just been deactivated. I think Emperor has enough anti-procrastination to bring it back on it.

Concerning the social aspects of Emperor...

I’ve had reason to really dig into that recently. Since I like comparisons, I just figured out a fun one. American Football. :slight_smile:

Imagine you have the ball and you are sprinting towards the goal to get that touchdown. The other team will do its best to tackle you, make you lose hold of the ball and make you fall. Anything to keep you from the goal and keep the ball as close to your own goal as possible.

But your team has people to take those blows. People that will act as a defensive barrier and take out the opponents before they get to you. They run with you, keeping up with you as much as possible to be your shield.

You also have a bunch of fans out there in the tribunes sending you all their positive energy and encouragement so you can go beyond where your body tells you it is enough.

And let’s not forget the cheerleaders, as much there for you as for the audience, as an attractive, scantily dressed woman will trigger your masculinity, making it so you feel more like a man and be less willing to fail as long as she’s watching.

It all helps to bring you to that goal.

So how does this translate to Emperor?

You have a goal, for example to be a millionaire living on the beach while working from home a few days a week. You reinforce this goal by making it clear and reminding yourself.

On your journey there, you will meet people, they could already be in your life, that envy your success, try to leech off of you, or try to hold you back because they have their own goals and intend to accomplish them even if it means you can’t.

When you have a clear goal, some subconscious part of you will recognize those people. That is when Emperor kicks in. It acts like your defensive line, bridging the gap between that subconscious recognition and your conscious awareness. It will help you see that these people are holding you back, that they are stopping you from reaching your goals. And that will give you the ability to let those people go, to cast them out of your life so that they can no longer stop you from getting to your goals.

So what’s left? Well, there’s the people that are on the same journey as you are (your teammates), they will help you as you help them. They can be mentors, people in your field that show you the way.

There’s people that support you no matter what, true friends. They may or may not be with you the entire journey, but while they are there they’ll boost your confidence (your cheerleaders).

And then there’s your fans, people that just love seeing you succeed and want to be a part of your life without holding you back. They benefit from your success because you share it with them willingly. You touch a lot of people on your journey, and you may make many lives better by helping them just like others have helped you.

All these people are on your side. Emperor will help you recognize them for what they are and cultivate that connection so that you both may benefit.

So, does Emperor make you less social? No, not at all. It just makes you more selective, more aware of the people in your life. If they support you, Emperor may make the bond stronger. If they hold you back, Emperor will help you to let them go. In the end, you’re left with a valuable network of people that make your life better as you make theirs better.

So there you have it.

With your goals as you set them above (pretty generalized), Emperor seems like a good bet. If you get more specific, we may have different recommendations.

Looking at some of my essay-answers, maybe I should start a blog. The SubClub Insider. :slight_smile: