Best subliminal for Dancing?

Hallo everyone.
I am New here and it’s my first post.
I am happy to be a part of this group.
My question is : what is the best subliminal for Dancing skills improvement?
Thank you for your time and answers

Probably a combination of beyond limitless ultima and ultimate artist, maybe even part custom with some of the physical changes modules.

I don’t recall which part of Emperor Fitness deals with skill mastery but that could be really useful as would the Q module “Master’s Coordination”.

Thank you 2 for the response.

I think it is stage 1 of emperor fitness

If I remember correctly, this may be false, Saint said something along the lines of dance was coming as a product.

I’m a dancer but currently I’m using Stark/Khan which both have limitless I believe.

I’d say use QL or Limitless/Beyond Limitless.


Thank you for the response

Welcome @Leandros.

The first stage of Emperor Fitness is perfectly suited for this, since it includes extensive skill work.

Limitless or Quantum Limitless are also excellent choices. Some of the other major titles will also help in different ways. For example, Khan will help you express your sexuality and dominance during the dance.

Think how you’d like to become a better dancer - is it simply a matter of technique, or a matter of finding out who you are as a dancer? From there, it’s easy to choose.


@Fire If someone is looking learn something quickly, you will go for QL? Which stage? Or Limitless Q?

This is super interesting since I’m using Khan. Probably explains some interesting stuff I had with dance yesterday.

You wouldn’t need a subliminal but just normal music…dance music. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you all for your help.

Primal also helps a lot with just letting go and expressing yourself with no fear while dancing