Best sub to get over a past relationship?


Hello All,

ive been running EMPQ, GLMQ, SANGUINEQ for the past month or more, there are some developments, however im stuck in a thought loop of memories.
i tried REBIRTHQ and kicked me in the ass, i became a total wuss, had a major breakdown, couldnt continue. guess i wasnt still ready for it,

Im planing on purchasing a new product, not sure which one to go with

Primal Seduction: Iron Throne as it says (We removed all of the emotional healing and supercharged the seduction scripting)


Regeneration: Emotional and Mental Healing Subliminal

any advice considering my current stack.


It’s a higher price point, but you could replace your entire stack with just Khan!
Can’t say from experience, but Total Breakdown may be the best sub to get over a past relationship.

Primal Seduction (not Iron Throne) would be a good option too.
Emperor + PS is one of my favorite stacks.



The subliminal that will allow you to finally let go with women.

Probably… …Thanks


For getting over a relationship I’d go for sex and seduction Q No better way to get over a relationship than to see how many fish there are in the sea. I can’t speak for primal seduction but I’ve used s&s for only a week and results are unreal. It gives you drive, self confidence to get and girls fast and they start just popping up like magic


Thanks @Nitro19

How many loops of S&S did you do in a week?



Primal seduction : contains Sex Seduction and Primal


If while on subs your subconscious keeps reminding you of the past, it probably means it’s just as stuck on them as you are, and it wants you to tell it what to do with them. You need to deal with it. So my vote is for a healing sub, not a go-out-and-make-more-memories-hoping-youll-be-too-busy-to-deal-with-the-old-ones sub. :slight_smile:


Good one! :slight_smile:

for healing, i tried Rebirth, it made me a bitter piece of shit, i couldnt handle it. so im not yet ready for reconciliation.


I’m also listening to alchemist so I’ve only listened to s&s 2-3 times a day. It’s worked super quick for me but I think different subs resonate with different ppl I guess.


agree, since these are Q’s they are more dense like the makers state, hence 2 loops should be sufficient for now… IMO


Keep in mind Rebirth and Regeneration (and Khan and likely New Beginnings) approach the challenge in different ways. Less loops may also work.

But I notice you made your choice as you started a journal. Good luck!


Thanks @DarkPhilosopher Yes i did make my choice, lets see how this goes


100 what Simon said. When I went through my last breakup, I was listening to Khan St1. Damn, I did not even feel depressed or was regretting anything. The thing is, Khan St1 also primed me to break up because it showed me that I was dating her not for the right reasons but to compensate for something. So my mind was well prepared before. Still, Khan St1 is great to get over a past relationship.

I always say, women cry in the first 7 days after a breakdown and live happily ever after, where men feel amazing in the first 7 days and cry like babies 3-4 months after. This will certainly don’t happen with Khan St1, partly because you probably already date 3 other chicks at that time anyway :wink:

Same probably with Primal Seduction


Thanks for your inputs @friday