Best Sub for Hurry Sickness - Type A Behavior?

Rosenman call “hurry sickness.” Hurry sickness, coined in their 1985 book “Type A Behavior and Your Heart” isn’t an actual medical condition, but it’s known as a sense of excessive time urgency. You may constantly feel rushed or anxious and have a feeling of urgency to get things done when there’s no need.

I definately fall under this category and am looking for ways to help slow down and ease the anxious thoughts and restlessness.

Any suggestions for subs that sync well with this goal?

Thanks Community


I feel Revelations of Mind and Genesis would be good for this. Also anxiousness Sanguine or Sanguine:Elixir could be good too.


Genesis for sure.

Wonder what sub would help to create a sanctuary or sacred place you go to in your mind to nurture yourself & slow things down from time to time.

I think just having a clear idea of what it is you’re working toward helps a lot. Before sub use even comes in. Who are you carrying all those bricks around for, anyway?

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@Palpatine i wouldn’t say for me it’s directly targeted towards a person.

It’s perhaps more of a generalized anxiety over the unknown, and a habitual need to control outcomes.

Typical of type A personality.

It has its pros when things need to get done, however I have a difficult time being able to let go and convince myself that rest is important and that I am not losing progress by not being productive all the time.

I will run some sanguine elixer as it seems to help release tension.

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I’m in a work obsessed mode and Genesis definitely slowed down my work obsession.

I wanted to stay work obsessed so Genesis wasn’t perfect for me, but I can speak from experience when I say that Genesis made me slow down & enjoy life more

I would go so far as to say it was THE main feature of the sub

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Best action to take towards this goal is going for a walk/run outdoors

Being in nature slows you down and lets you organize your thoughts

Going for walks slows you down and lets you organize your thoughts

And if you do go for a light run it’ll get out some of that (anxious) energy you seem to have an excess of

Plus exercise is always good!


I had this problem, when im running primal this problem disapear completly and every time i stopped running primal this sense of urgency return.

I dont know why, maybe its the nonchalance of primal but i know for a fact it will solve your problem.

Most other subs made it worst, ascension, emperor, khan, genesis, everything made it worst, primal solved it.


I’m so glad there’s no single person who says to run LBFH because his problem is from a lack of self-love.