Best sub for Celebrity Aura

What would be the best sub to have a celebrity aura? Also curious to hear the thoughts of others on what they think makes celebs have the aura they do.

I’d say Stark personally, I’ve used it and had it on ultrasonic whilst me and my boyfriend sleep - we get treated like celebrities now pretty much aha.


StarkQ and probably True Social Ultima when that’s released :wink:

Nice! How long did it take to see results for you?

Pretty instantly to be honest. Of course it’s all gradually built up and takes time but I pretty much saw a change in how people treated me nearly straight away.

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I think to go for a strong Celeb aura I might like to stack Stark, Primal Seduction and Daredevil, just to see how things would manifest. I would also run True Social once a day.

True Social Ultima :smile:

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I am thinking to stack the following:

Stark Terminus

Libertine Ultima

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