Best sub for body language


I always find myself in some kinds of meetings, where I have to deal with official people. Now, due to less energy and ugly body language, I’ve already lost a few potential clients. I wish to end this for once and for all.

P.S. I’m working out with a gym trainer over this issue.


Emperor + Godlike Masculinity + Legacy if you’re new.

Khan ST3 + The Legacy if you have some sub experience :slight_smile:


I’d agree with emperor if you have sub experience and possibly godlike masculinity. But if you are new, I would take it easy and go with Ascended Mogul. Emperor even v3 is still a beast of a sub and so are any of the multistage subs.

Legacy is a supercharger you would run before you work out 1-2 times depending on how hard you want to push it. Legacy is only 8 1/2 mins of listening time so it won’t take much time to get through.

You could try something like true social for being more social and business like with clients.


What do you consider ugly body language?


For me personally, Khan didn’t do anything for my body languge, until I tried to take on the body language of swagger and realized all my attempts to have “confident” body language were contained in an invisible box, like I was trying to avoid attention. Emperor v2 helped me shift to better body language, though I only ran it briefly.

The bioenergetics Bow and Arch is excellent for opening up your posture, this YouTube channel has a ton of excellent exercises for free:


I have always had good body language however from personal experience emperor definitely amplified it.


I had a program a long time ago that taught body language using the fake-it-till-you-make-it principle. They said that by consciously working on your body language, you are teaching your subconscious much like subs do. Over time, what first feels unnatural becomes natural. Plus, certain postures automatically elicit moods or energetic responses. Mainly it taught me to display more open, relaxed and vulnerable body language, which is associated with confidence and maturity (only a strong and confident man would show vulnerability, because he knows there’s no threat he can’t handle). In meetings, I know when to lean back and when to lean forward, to keep my (manicured) hands in the open, not to cover my mouth and how to establish rapport. I do great in job interviews. Less so in the actual job, I’m too much for the less confident. Oh, well…

Subliminals work the other way around, they start on the inside and over time you will start to reflect that on the outside. I know too little about it to make an experienced guess, but I’d say something that contains Ascension code is a good start. So Ascension, Ascended Mogul or Emperor, plus (per AMASH’s suggestion) Godlike Masculinity and Legacy. I’m a big fan of Ascended Mogul myself.


As Above So Below, right? :wink:


Hey man, what’s your experience with ASC Mogul if you don’t mind me asking?


There’s a book called The Like Switch. That’s the one book that gave me some body language pointers that I made into habits. I’m going to have to reread that one or listen to the audiobook now that I think of it.


I saw that book somewhere but didn’t get it. It looked interesting. Written by an FBI I believe it was? I got a similar audio book called “what every body is saying”. I gotta go back and hear it again. I forgot about it.


I think there are books about liespotting that are written by ex-FBI and the likes. There’s also a book actually called Liespotting, I believe, by a woman that has also got a TEDx presentation on YT. I don’t remember what her background is.

Although a useful skill, the original post needed help in changing his own body language in his professional life. I think learning more about rapport would be a useful skill there.


Are you talking about Vanessa Van Edwards? She’s a scientist, and Ross Jeffries’ niece :smile:


Nope, Pamela Meyer.

You know, I never envisioned Ross Jeffries as having actual family members. :slight_smile:


Actually, his family shunned him, so he changed his name. His real name is Paul Ross, but since his parents didn’t approve of what he did, he used Ross Jeffries.


By the way, just to complete my earlier statement, the ex-FBI would be Joe Navarro, who has a bunch of books on body language and is up there with Pamela at the top experts on nonverbal communication. Obviously you can find him on YouTube as well. Also has a book on interviewing, but that’s likely more about the kind of interviews you do in the FBI. I would advise against using that in your meetings. :slight_smile:

Shines bright light on assistant.
“Where were you 10 minutes ago?”
“Getting coffee for you, sir.”
“Can anybody confirm that alibi?”