Best stack to help me


Hi people…
Quick introduction…
I was once a guy that had everything I wanted especially women…I did not make a move they used to approach me .they used to fight for me…
I used to feel so positive…my friends used to really treasure me and beg to be with me …this is no exaggeration at all.

Now I don’t know what happened…everything turned around like the total opposite…
I bought regeneration Q and AscensionQ and Limit destroyerQ.
I run regeneration in the morning and before bed… limit destroyer when ever I got time and ascension twice in the day…

Please assist me to see if this is the right start or suggest another stack…

Thank you


What made you lose the women and the other stuff?

AscensionQ, Regeneration Q,limit destroyerQ pacman

I have no idea all I know is that every thing seems negative to me…while before I felt I can get anything and no one is like me…no I feel the total opposite…


Some of my old friends still tell me how I was with women and keep asking me until now what happened to me…I was also very muscular cause I used to gym now it’s like no force for me to achieve…these things i once had seem unattainable now


Did you suffer a trauma?
Disappointments one after another?

Sometimes periods of life changes us for no reason, like turning 40, becoming a father etc. Maybe you lost the Midas touch in our to find yourself again.

Without more information about your situation and who you are as a person, I can only recommend the alpha subs (EmperorQ, StarkQ, KhanQ). More insight into why you changed will be more helpful.


No trauma but disappointment one after the other regarding women…
Basically I was like the description of Khan or ascension…had everything my way every aspect of my life was perfect…
I always had my way without trying at all…


Sounds like your dopamine is fucked.

When did you discover porn tube websites? :smile:


I used to masterbate alot from age 15 now I’m 31


Simon nailed it to me. There are some energetic fields that do dopamine repair. Your thinking changes when your dopamine drops. Not just that but the receptor axon sites could very well be damaged.

Depression, low motivation, drive, interests, ambition, desires, goals, pleasure, contentment and happiness etc… Any of these sounds like you?


I don’t think your stack is the problem fapping to porn is. Take it from someone who struggles with porn addiction and someone who just binged this entire week on porn. fapping destroys the progress made from subliminals at least for me personally, feel anti social, anxiety, can’t look people in the eye, 0 drive, 0 motivation, lazy etc I can go on. Fapping to porn destroys masculine drive and energy. Again your stack is not the issue fapping to porn is.


So which sublinal do you suggest or what can I do to repair this?


I never used to watch much porn but masturbating alot from the age of 15…


See basically back at high school my life was perfect…
Perfect body
All women going crazy for me
Boys used to salute me
Whole school talking about me
And the best past is I never try to be this…I was naturally like that…
Then when I was at college and around the Second year things changed slowly and now it’s all opposite from what I once had…
Every aspect of my life …
I struggle to get things I want really struggle…


Have you tried Godlike Masculinity?


No I used ascension and now regeneration. Taught maybe I developed some blocks that I want regeneration to remove …I’m new so not sure


Your now 31 though correct ? Thats half your life spent on porn/ fapping and the last 16 years. I spent all of my 20s on porn i turn 30 this year it really hinders growth in all areas of life. You gotta get this sorted out. We both have to or we are only gonna sabotage what the sublimnals are trying to do.
Have you read no more mr nice guy ?


Do you take action to get the things you want in life ? As men we have the burden of performance things dont just come to us. We have to go after and take action in life simliar to taking actions while using subs. Porn/ fapping kills masuline drive to achieve and take action, no suprise your struggling in this area.
It sounds like fapping to porn is your issue and not taking action in life to be honest man.


No I have not read that…I also noticed that regeneration not doing much for me but AscensionQ I can feel it…my entire body gets pumped
I used to masturbate not with porn but just mental images…and when I lost everything that I had that’s when I became a different person


Guys I noticed I’m extremely horny lately…I am not sure if it’s the subs or not and in not shy to express my sexual desires…
Any idea why ?


Best thing is to start a journal, write down what you’re thinking and feeling.