Best overnight track?


I made a 3 hour play list to listen to while sleeping. Masked with bluetooth ear buds. My theory is that SOME subliminal is great while sleeping but the mind also needs some rest time.

My playlist is:
Ascended Mogul
Limit Destroyer

But as much as I try, I can’t sleep while the subs are playing. I keep the volume nice and quiet and the ear buds are comfortable. So, I don’t think it’s the volume or discomfort that’s keeping me awake. It’s frustrating.

I’m wondering if there’s one product that is more conducive to sleeping than the others. Anything? I WANT to benefit from sleep listening, but I can’t give up that much sleep every night.


Try a sleep aid, like valerian root or melatonin. That’s what I did when I had to wear earbuds at night.


Is there anything that stops you from listening to ultrasonic versions or masked ones on speakers? :slight_smile:

I usually do that (ultrasonic version on speakers) when napping. It’s almost better than masked on earbuds.


Sleeping with my wife. Even if that was fine, it would mean setting up speakers near the bed and that messes with her decor.


I’ve read melatonin should not be taken on a regular basis – and it’s really geared toward fixing your internal sleep clock.

I’ll research valerian root. Thanks.


My hearing has been slowly deteriorating over the past couple of decades. One ear is quite a bit worse than the other – and only at certain frequencies. And, I’ve had periodic short bouts of tinnitus.

I’ve been listening to my sleep playlist (masked) with BT ear buds at a volume that is just over audible. But, I started waking up with a more pronounced tinnitus and I’m thinking it might be from the ear bud pressing into my ear and not the subliminal that’s causing it. My one ear also feels a bit numb.

Could that be it?


There aren’t any loud frequencies in the masked subliminals, as the script is woven into the masking track using volume differencing. If you listen to any sound track for long periods of time, you could cause tinnitus. Might need to turn the volume down a bit. The sub should still work.