Best Mobile App for Stacking Subs


Hi I am trying to create a playlist for stacking on my mobile phone where I can set the playlist so that it plays the subliminal tracks for specific number of times in a specific order.

Can anyone recommend such a music player app? My existing music player apps cannot do this,

Many thanks.


I use PowerAMP (Premium) on Android.

Gets the job done.


What are you using Android or Apple

I can’t give adviceo n Apple

But Android

I use Foobar, AIMP, Rocketplayer


I am wondering the same thing, but i have an iphone 7


I am using Shuttle. Haven’t found a better one yet.


I have an iPhone XR and I use the Apple music app.


To do it with the Apple Music app you just make a playlist. Than in it you press and hold on the song until the add to playlist option shows up. There you can do this however many times you want and for any subliminal.


I have an Android 8 Oreo. I like to use Es file manager pro. I can make playlists and have the subs run in background 24/7 on repeat without it stopping. Plus it doesn’t change the audio as in equalizer or anything. This is a complete program not just a standalone audio player. Works for me.


It’s called ‘audio focus’ it’s an inbuild android feature.

The better music players allow you to turn it off, so when a other music player plays it won’t take ‘first rights’ to the music, but just ADDs a new music channel.

I do the same with Foobar, you can just add the same song multiple times. But it lacks a few other options I use such as listening to Subliminals at 1.5 speed, that’s easier in RocketPlayer or AIMP


Do you get good results with it playing at 1.5 speeds.i was wondering about that.


It works for me, doen’t have to work for you. My brain is an outlier anyway :slight_smile:

Try it yourself?


Haven’t tried it yet but I’d like to try it. I have maven player which allows me to increase the tempo by percentages. I’LL try it out then



I cant figure out how you can choose the number of loops for different subs. Thers just a repeat option for the whole stack or just loop one sub.


What app are you using?


I’m using the AIMP app. I don’t set the number of loops but just put x amount of the same track in the queue if I want the track to play and x amount of times. If I want to play other tracks in between, it is possible and can just add them to the queue.


I have to say, I saw Fire mentioning AIMP as well, so I installed it yesterday, and I really like it.

The only problem would be how to include a supercharger at the start. Imagine putting Dreams on your list and then falling asleep. I suppose you could create an 8 hour list by repeating the loop inside the playlist many times without setting the playlist to Repeat All.