Best journals list


@SaintSovereign, @DarkPhilosopher Can we have section with list of good jurnals ? Im mostly on Khans jurnals and I almost mised older Yardbirds emperor jurnal. Its inspiring how strong and fast can subs change life. Doesn’t matter is different sub you listen right now. Key is same. Work for your sub and sub will work for you.


Well, for starters, let’s ask @AMASH for recommendations. I think he browses most of them.


I honestly don’t know of any bad journals here.

Each is awesome in its own way. We have older journals that are inspiring, and newer ones that show you people going through the struggle and nearly getting a breakthrough.

And thank you @DarkPhilosopher for the trust :slight_smile:


Its hard to say what a bad journal is. I find most of them insteresting on way or another. I just like some more because they have more insights for the matters i am interested. If i were you i would read anything in my breaks, before sleep, when you are in the toilet and stuff like this. At least this is what i do when i have time. Even in journals you arent interested you might find some interesting insights


Honestly, I don’t see the point in listing any “good” journals. In the first place what is a good journal? Journals depend on the writing style of the person, which can also be affected by how they feel at the moment of writing. So one shitty entry might be found in an overall good journal.
In addition, journals, I believe, serve 2 purposes. Personally, I write a journal to serve as comparison for before, during, and after, so that once the “journey” is over, one can look back and see the changes they have undergone to get to where they are now.
I like reading other journals because they serve as both a guide and inspiration for others who would like to undertake the same.


True, there’s no “best” or “good” journals out there, but there have been many inspiring and memorable tales. Of the top of my head, I was most in awe over the following:

@subliminalguy’s raw account of his break for personal freedom
@OldChap ‘s transformation to a ladies man
@DarkEmpress’ success and first public account by a female user
@Yardbird’s year-long Emperor journey
@friday’s “impossible” exam triumph on Khan
@Hollywood’s daily account on Emperor
Anything by @AMASH as he’s trusted amongst the community.
And @DarkPhilosopher’s humourous interjections in all of them.

Overall SubClub has the best journals because they make good products.


Thank you @Michel, you’re very kind, and you have a perceptive ability to understand people. It is apparent :slight_smile:


when this forum get bigger and older , when some subs and technology get obsolete then many great jurnals will buried under sand of time.


Thanks @Michel. Some names are absolutely new for me.


Thank you.