Best Healing Stack

Hey good people.

Whats the best healing stack to go with for complete healing…since healing will ensure that all other subs work perfectly.

Thank you


New Beginnings
I am
(Attachment Destroyer) depending your situation

All you need


I mean with the regular subs not customs

Well then Khan St1 it is

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Regeneration I would say.


It depends on how deep your rabbit hole is.:grinning:

Some people may require so much healing that they may need to run additional healing subs before Khan St1 or Regeneration. Or even more additional healing subs before those additional healing subs…

Would be sad really if you are at the bottom of a diamond shaped matrix of which the middle of the matrix is the state of “Normality” (or whatever you think normality is) and the top of matrix is what some people like to call “Ascension”.

How long will that take?

Anyway, I just dug out Fire’s opinion for you.


U crack me up lmfao

I have 2 custom subs wich are perfect but they showed me what’s need to be fixed in me. So I go for the full Rock n Roll this time and ordered this pure healing custom

Regeneration Q Core
Ecstasy of Gold ST1 Q Core
Survival Instinct Q Core
Energetic Development XI
Growth Through Pain
Information Releaser
Limit Destroyer
Negativity Shifter
New Beginnings
Spiritual Abundance
Spiritual Freedom
The Flow
Intuition Enhancer
Blue Skies
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Inner Voice


Regeneration + Sanguine

No need to have such a big stack. Regeneration is gonna lead you deep into healing yourself and Sanguine is gonna keep your mood high and optimistic while the darker stuff comes to the surface.

Never tried Khan st1, but from what Ive read in the forums its pretty harsh, but the fact that Regeneration is kinder doesnt necessarily means its softer or slower or more superficial than Khan.


Thanks for that response…

@pacman Its a pretty common belief that change has to be painful, and it doesnt need to.
Sometimes it is, sometimes not, sometimes is pleasurable, sometimes you dont even notice you are changing.
If change is painful then people who suffer a lot should change a lot, and thats almost never the case. In fact most of the pain people attach to change, is not for the change it self but from resistance to it.

If you are not in pain and you doubt if you are changing, just slap yourself in the face, feel the pain and say to yourself I must be changing :joy::joy::joy:


Sorry for the late reply
I was waking up from the floor
I just slept my self now and fell.


Regeneration didn’t work for me …

If you’ve got some deep-seated trauma, maybe you need to add something else. Have you tried EFT? EMDR?

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How long have you used it?
How many loops?
Did u try rebirth?

I’m doing sub flushout right now. But I’m going to purchase Khan and run stage 1 for close to 3 months.


Personally never ran ascension, but Khan St1 is rock and roll, I felt like shit on it for the whole month I ran it.

But a lot of people have reported that their negative emotions have disappeared after a certain point and they are left free from negative beliefs.