Best android apps to listen to subs?


Hey, i have an issue with listening to subs with youtube ever since it auto pauses, and asks me if im still watching. I resolved that. and shortly after, i ran into an issue in where after 5 random videos in my playlist, when it reaches my booster, it repeats the same video over and over. I havent found a way to resolve this yet and i need an alternative. Can you help please


I Googled it and it seems to be a bug that supposedly got fixed a few months back. Make sure that video isn’t set to loop and if it’s not, try deleting the video and re-adding it to your list.

You could also try creating a public playlist, and visit the playlist in Incognito mode, or when you’re logged out.

But again, it could just be another bug.


You could also download the videos or convert to MP3 and play it in Google Play Music, or Musicolet which I personally use for subs.


I use Musicolet for subs on my phone.


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I use Poweramp on Android (not IOS, which seems to be fake)

Protip: The Poweramp app allows you to play sounds while other media is playing, for example if you’re watching Youtube or listening to Spotify. I was very annoyed before when my subs stopped playing whenever I watched Youtube so this was a major relief when running my ultrasonics. It’s under Audio Focus, “Short Audio Focus Change/Calls”, you might have to pay a small amount after the trial though. Also would not recommend if you use earphones often to listen to music/watch videos, as it won’t automatically stop. EDIT: This is only for Android, the one on IOS seems to be fake/poor knockoff.


Some subliminal makers say if you download the video, it ruins the quality and renders it ineffective.


Still using Musicolet on a daily basis. It is very good.


How do I play a musical track on the musicolet mobile app with the masked subliminal track running on the background?


Play your subliminal in Musicolet. Play your music from your other audio player or spotify or youtube.

I prefer ultrasonic under music. I find masked ruins the music experience for me.


What is the sound level set on your phone when you play ultrasonic? Are you using headphones?


When using in ear monitors I just play the music at an appropriate volume and figure that means the ultrasonic won’t be too loud.

If I am not using headphones I just set the volume to the level I need to hear the music well and don’t worry about it because I figure the ultrasonic through the phone speaker is never going to be loud enough to do damage.