Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL


Okay. let’s cut to the chase. Got the exam on 6th January.
The stack: Khan st4+ beyond limitless.
The plan:
Wake up
90 minute study sessions with 20 minute break( 2×beyond limitless during these breaks)
Possibility of me cracking the exam: impossible, I mean thats what they’ve been saying.I kinda disagree.

And No more abandoning of journals again. Will be updating this daily.


Lets do this!


Yes! Go go go! :smile:


Seems running beyond limitless so often might be an overkill but i am really interested on this journal. Please keep updating regularly


It doesnt really matter what other people believe. All it comes down to if you think it is possible and how much effort you will put into


Will you be listening to Khan ST4 while studying too? How often are you planning on listening to it?
As @rising pointed out, 2x Beyond Limitless might be overkill. However, I too am curious how everything goes for you. Please update regularly.


@Sarshet could you please tell us more why other people think it’s impossible for you to crack the exam? And what gives you enough hope to disagree, and the desire to bend reality this way? :slight_smile:


Yes, I listen to ST4 during these sessions and also when I am asleep, so pretty much the whole day.

I am still experimenting with beyond limitless actually. I just recently realised how much of a MONSTER it really is. When I play it, with every loop my brain gets more and more creative and faster. So Currently I am trying to see how my brain performs if I play it 18 times a day.


I was calculating, and playing Beyond Limitless 18 times a day equals 4 loops of Khan ST4 that you would not be able to listen to every day.

What do you think about this, @Sarshet?


Hey amash.
Appreciate your response on this thread. Really makes more driven to contributing to my work and this journal.

The deal is that the exam is just not only tough, the syllabus of it is over a 100 solid topics. they all collectively believe that it takes a min amount of 6 months to crack it.Hencewhy I would be literally bending reality if I crack it in just 3 months
For some reason, I am very confident about it now(maybe its beyond limitless and Khan).
I created a very precise plan because of this.


I have been running st4 all day since the start of September but I didn’t feel benefits to the degree I feel them now. After adding beyond limitless(5 to 6 times) I have witnessed benefits so powerful that it makes me curious of it’s potential and how better my brain can get. But As I said, I am still just experimenting. If I sense that cutting 4 loops of Khan out is having an effect on my productivity and motivation, I will definitely cut down the time spent on beyond limitless.

Thanks for this tho. In all the excitement I overlooked the fact that I’ll be missing out on the sweet khan-time.


@Sarshet, did you see this journal before?

We have a member here who attempted an impossible exam using Khan ST4 and succeeded. It might inspire you with some ideas :slight_smile:

I love Beyond Limitless. I used it before twice a day and it was almost magical. I am curious to see your results using it much more often!


This sounds sweet!

Could you please tell us more about the benefits of Khan you started to notice now compared to how it was in September?

And do you have experience using subs before?

And Please do share about the powerful effects you had from using Beyond Limitless 5-6 times a day, I don’t think anybody tried this before.

I am sure everyone will be curious to know the effects of using the same supercharger 5-6 times a day, especially @SaintSovereign and @Fire. And @DarkPhilosopher will be curious about your response too :smile:


Day 1

Completed 10 study session with ease,
Which is pricisely 20 loops of Khan st4 And 10 loops of beyond limitless(once during break)
After the 7th loop of beyond limitless, I started to feel a bit hyperactive and found it hard to focus. It sort of became counterproductive, but I will be following the same stack routine for some days just to be sure. Had to meditate a bit after loop 7 to calm the mind.

During these sessions, my brain is FAST in connecting, comprehending and creating new ideas(all relative to the speed in which my brains normally acts without the subs). It also pulls out information relatively quickly. Concentrating is still a struggle tho(I am very impulsive) and I haven’t seen much difference in memory(till now). The sessions are fun and theirs added motivation because I am getting good at the subjects quickly.

After a point it feels like the effects of B.L start to fade though and I return to the old dumb me lol

All and all a pretty decent productive day. Aiming for 12 study sessions tommorow.


We all feel dumb from time to time.

Are there specific experiences in your life that made you think you’re a bit on the dumb side @Sarshet?


I think I noticed the same… Its weird but you notice it feels like it wears off.


Maybe supercharges are like caffeine? They give you that added boost but after a while, it wears off. Too much caffeine, after 6 hours you crash. Could it be that you’re feeling something similar?


I dont know, havent tried a supercharger yet, but I experienced something similar with Limitless.


Since the very beginning it was announced that each time you use a supercharger, the effects is a temporary boost. But repeated usage over the long term can make their effects stick more and more.

I don’t know why you guys expect to use a supercharger once and stay a month in a hyper-learning state or something :slight_smile:


I’m not saying that once you use a supercharger, it is expected that you stay in hypermode. All I’m saying is that, like caffeine, too much and you crash. I mean, I need coffee every day. But too much and I suddenly crash. Just enough coffee, and I get through the day without crashing. But then, that’s just me.