Being interrupted while listening


Hi, I would just like an official answer on this: if I get interrupted while listening to a sub, can I just resume a few minutes later without diminishing the affects of it or is the ideal that you listen to it through without interruption?

At the moment when I resume, I simply rewind about 20 seconds and then continue playing.

Replies much appreciated.


You just read my mind I was about to post a similar question. Will await to hear replies from SC support.

  1. They don’t tell you for nothing to use SET and Forget method; interruptions are most likely predicted in the tracks.
  2. There’s most likely no point in micromanaging to the second
  3. Benefits are for the full track, not 20 seconds.
  4. You are turning something simple in something that is unnecessary complex.


I use masked with headphones, not the set and forget method. I also manually switch the audios when one is over. I can’t have my headphones on all the time obviously, so I’ll have them off sometimes for up to 10 minutes, but the audio is paused. Once I can put them back on, I put them on and resume the audio.

I’d assume there’s nothing wrong with this approach, in a normal person’s day-to-day life there’s going to be interruptions and times where you can’t listen to your subliminal for a little while.

I’d be curious to find out that this is the wrong approach, which we’d only know until it’s officially answered but thought I’d chime in nonetheless.


I agree with @Liquidfire here, though it was a bit condescending. I believe the answer to this is to just continue where ever the subliminal is playing. It’s gonna be a bit of a hassle if you have to check how long you missed your subliminal and go back to that point. I believe this is the official advice as well, Set and Forget. There is definitely nothing wrong with asking questions, no matter if people think it’s “overthinking”.


I’ve got mp3 players with computer speakers set up in multiple places and playing 24 hours a day, so I am going into and out of rooms without hearing an entire track a lot. I figure the amount of time being exposed is more important than hearing a track in its entirety every time.


From what I assumed, the subliminal is full of modules following each other. So, in listening the whole subliminal, you get the exposure of all the modules. If you get interupted, you miss certain parts of it. Not a big deal, if you listen to it multiple times in your stack, because sooner or later you will get an exposure to the module you missed the first time at least once.

It’s easier if you listen to it in night, of course. The more condensed is your stack, the better. For example, I only listen to Emperor v2 and might get a stack module or two if I believe I need the extra coverage for certain stack module targets. When you start adding more subliminals, only then it starts getting more important to get more uninterupted exposure, because if you start getting only 15 minutes of the 40 minute subliminal and the rest are completely different subliminals, that makes you miss out important parts for the one you missed, therefore might start to get less effective.

TL;DR: If you have 1-2 subliminals and you miss like a minute or 10 here and there, no worries. You will get exposure to the ‘‘missed’’ modules sooner or later at least once.


@Liquidfire I get the impression you are trying to belittle other members. This is not the first time you have have done this. Can you please refrain from this in the future.



How did I exactly belittle him? Is that your interpertation of my text, or what I actually wrote?

I just replied to his question with some deduced thoughts.


@LiquidFire I can easily see how some could interpret your “deduced thoughts” as very to-the-point, blunt and maybe even belittling, but if it’s simply your way of speaking I thank you for your contribution.

@vadc makes my point very well. I also listen on headphones so I most definitely will miss many modules in the sub if I just let it run when I remove my headphones. That’s why I pause it. I agree that you will get that part of the message eventually.

So that’s why I actually want to know if the single playthrough has a sort of build-up effect per session so that you diminish those effects if you stop a sub halfway through.

Thanks for the replies so far.


Don’t worry, I know how to laugh too :joy::grin:
I just think writing to the point sometimes is more beneficial then long posts.

I hope it helps you further though :slight_smile:


@Fire @SaintSovereign :slight_smile: