Being an Emperor


It’s been one week since I started using Emperor and it has been…I am feeling changes happening to me right now every single time whether I am listening to the emperor.
whether I am listening to it or just processing it, and working ie. studying at college and the subconscious mind is processing the information but what’s happening is that I am seeing a rapid change in my attitude right now. it’s very difficult changing my attitude right now I am who I am becoming a whole different person every single day there were some days what I was when I was just not in the mood I was in a bad mood frustrated angry but right now I am just feeling like an Emperor literally I am calm and collected and focused I am feeling energetic, my mind is clear right now.
whenever people Like some of my friends are friends per se… before I used to get triggered just like that just get triggered just like that I was anxious I was filled with anxiety I was not stable but right now I can win I can I am feeling I can win any argument with I am come collected and I don’t let emotions rule my mind I am feeling really strong right now like I have this energy and focused intensity about me but I will make changes in this world

Ok, that’s it for today peace out!!!


I am feeling wayy more calm right now when talking to strangers…I’m not at all feeling anxious like before and my voice feels deeper too