Being an Emperor and a Primal Seducer


It’s been one week since I started using Emperor and it has been…I am feeling changes happening to me right now every single time whether I am listening to the emperor.
whether I am listening to it or just processing it, and working ie. studying at college and the subconscious mind is processing the information but what’s happening is that I am seeing a rapid change in my attitude right now. it’s very difficult changing my attitude right now I am who I am becoming a whole different person every single day there were some days what I was when I was just not in the mood I was in a bad mood frustrated angry but right now I am just feeling like an Emperor literally I am calm and collected and focused I am feeling energetic, my mind is clear right now.
whenever people Like some of my friends are friends per se… before I used to get triggered just like that just get triggered just like that I was anxious I was filled with anxiety I was not stable but right now I can win I can I am feeling I can win any argument with I am come collected and I don’t let emotions rule my mind I am feeling really strong right now like I have this energy and focused intensity about me but I will make changes in this world

Ok, that’s it for today peace out!!!


I am feeling wayy more calm right now when talking to strangers…I’m not at all feeling anxious like before and my voice feels deeper too


so today this girl I used to talk to on and off…she seemed really interested in me today…she was totally just standing there…wanting to talk to me…I was working in my the garage…cleaning my car…n she kept frequently asking me if I needed anything. It never happened that way before.but today she was just standing there talking with me when she could’ve left.


I’ve been getting dreams about kissing a girl for 2 days in a row…like how it feels and all that stuff…the thing is that Ive never kissed a girl till now. am still a virgin yo!!!


before I used to be all worried uselessly with all the micro things I can’t control…nowadays it seems that I’ve been not worried about so much small things and that I am just willing to take action and then adapt to the situation. don’t overthink and just take action…adjust later.


being a virgin till now I don’t have any experience being physical with a girl…that being said… one recurring theme in my dreams is that I’m making out with a girl…random but beautiful to me. its as if my brain is giving me kissing tutorials in my sleep.


today I went to a mall…I talked to both girls at cash counter…confident voice and all…she smiled and was really respectful…which is a rare thing for me…before the subs…receptionists were generally cold, neutral with me.also then I was asking a question to a girl in help desk…she was a bit cold…was asking me a question back in a challenging, annoying way…I held my ground, strong eye contact…she kind of became transfixed. so all n all a good experience…also a few days back…I talked to a girl in the same yr as me(I study in a college) but in a different department. the whole 4 yrs I could not talk to her because I always thought she was out of my league…but also as I started improving myself…I kinda started ignoring her…maybe I was protecting myself(trying not to get rejected)but I talked to her in a casual way a few days back…she responded well…but I kinda got the vibe that she was kinda intimidated by me…and in fact she was shy to start a conversation with me…damn I feel good.