Beginner Here. Which program should I use?


Hey everyone,
I recently discovered this website and found the products to be really amazing as I read the description. I’m confused though as to which program should I start with?
I’m a 21 year old looking for a job to get out of my house and go out in the world. I’ve used some of the subliminals from youtube channels but I’ve never been strict with the schedule. I now plan on starting and sticking with one program until I get desired results.
What I’m looking for is to get really motivated and passionate to work with great efficiency and energy. I’m really lazy and just lie on the couch. I want to change that.
I also want to get success with girls and socialize. I’ve never had any success with women till now. I do workout but not with that motivation which I used to earlier.
All this is really taking a toll on my mind. I’ve never even had sex or gone out on a date ever. This really shatters my confidence and I’m not able to study or socialize
I want to get a job with great salary so that I can sustain on my own without my parents help. I am studying but like I said earlier, not much efficiency to work.
Please help me out here on deciding which product should I use to overcome this.


i feel ascended mogul will help u best, it has goals for alpha male and money, for women u can either run primal or sex and seduction upto u based on what u want, if u dont care much about the alpha male part it would be better to just run mogul as it will get u quicker results but for women the ascension part will only help if anything so i recommend use it


I suggest giving ascend ago it will help immensely


@myspace123 Thank you so much for your reply bro. I was actually confused between ascended mogul and emperor. After reading some reviews, I found that emperor is on another level but initially it takes a toll on some people’s mind. I was thinking about using emperor for around 6 months as that would bring balance of being dominant, financial success and women. Do you think its okay if I do that?


@blackadder Bro, do you mean ascended mogul or ascension? For how much time do you suggest?


Give ASCENSION ago you will very good results in about a month but keep on using the sub for 90 days.


I say emperor is really hard, when I was on it my brain sabotaged so badly, it literally made me listen on a lower volume for like a moth and it was really fuckin hard, not a beginners sub trust me, get some practice by listening to an easier sub and then prime urself, also be sure emperor is actually what u want for example it’s all about building an emperor if u read other peoples journals they literally sacrifice everything just to go full speed on their path, as a 21 yr old idk if u want to sacrifice everything just to build an empire, I can tell u as an 18 yr old I don’t, I want a fuck tonne of baller experiences, meet lots of cool people, bang a bunch of chicks, party and enjoy life, maybe when I’m older like late 20s or early 30s it will be something I consider but for now enjoyment takes priorities over everything as I want to have amazing experiences


@myspace123 Yeah bro. What you wrote is exactly what I’m looking for in my life right now. Amazing experiences by being charismatic and a fun to be around guy, and also wanna travel to lots of different places and meet new people which requires money. A natural ability to attract people (not just girls) towards me and succeed in most of the things that I take on. I’ll take your advice and start with ascended mogul and stick with it. Maybe later I’ll stack primal or sex and seduction.


@blackadder I am thinking of going with ascended mogul so as to get financial success also because I’m currently looking for a job. To clear the interview, I am studying for which I require focus and interviewers also see personality and non verbal, body language and stuff like that.


I’d agree on Ascended Mogul and then after maybe three months I’d think about adding Primal to the stack.


@dorfmeister Thank you for your reply bro