Beginner here. Need some suggestions


Hello all, I stumbled across this place while looking for some good quality subliminal. My main goal of using subliminal is to beat procrastination and excel at my job as a sales. I’ve done a bit of research and purchased the Ascension for Women for a general purpose. What are some other subliminal that are more specific for my career goals? Since i saw that most products are geared towards to the male listeners. Thanks in advance for you inputs:)


True social might help you with that. Power can corrupt may as well. Or Seductress could help with your persuasive skills as well as it’s main stated purpose.


Hey morningstar, welcome to the forum

Quantum Limitless and StarkQ helped me the most with procastination (and can be used by women), and while both will certaintly help with sales, Stark seems to be a better fit in that instance.

Hope I could help you :wink: All the best to you!


Mogul is a unisex title geared toward career (and to an extent sales) advancement


@morningstar - Welcome! If I were you, I would combine StarkQ and The Seductress. They have everything you need to not only excel at your job, but also use your feminine energy and charm to win at life and all its various challenges.


Thank you all for your recommendations! I am gonna use Mogul on top of Ascension for Women that I already brought! Let see what happen in a month or so :joy: Or one month is too early to tell?


A month will be long enough for you to begin noticing small changes but not necessarily long enough for anything life altering. To use a common analogy on this forum, think of it like going to the gym: if you work out every day for a month you’ll definitely notice changes, but you’re not going to be at your target yet (unless you were already close to that point). Take as much action as you can daily in direct connection to your desired goals. Keeping a journal, either privately or here on the forum, is the best way to keep track of changes over the course of using a program. Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:


Would definitely keep a private journal to document my transformation journey! If you dont mind me asking, what kind of changes you saw in yourself after using the subliminals for a while? Would love to have something exciting to look forward to!


Almost everything has been internal for me. I handle situations better and find myself less reactive to things that happen to me. Admittedly I have a problem with the action-taking portion of the process so my progress over the last year (when my journey started) has been a little slower.