Beginner female

Hey guys,

I’m a beginner here… I just purchased heartsong, love bomb, ultimate artist, seductress and ascension for women.

I got excited and I liked the look of all of them… what one should I start with? Any recommendations how to go about this?

I’m a stay at home mother, with my own business, studying also and I have a partner of 7 years… we have been having a few issues lately especially having young children and finding time for each other… hence getting lovesong.

How often should I listen per day of each one… the instruction manuals are a bit overwhelming for me… I don’t quite understand it all.

I really appreciate any help or advice I can get! You guys have an awesome wee community… love the chats!



First, start with prioritizing your goals. What things are the most important for you?

When it comes to the listening routine. You can listen to two or three programs at once. If two, you need to listen to both every other day for 21 days and then do a five-day break then go back to the listening. For three titles, listen to two of them every four days and the third one also every four days. The space between those two programs and that third program should be two days long. The same 21/5 days pattern applies here as well.


Welcome to the forum,

you can find the listening pattern here:

and good luck on your subliminal journey. :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy, That’s a lot. Just to let you know, the max you can stack with ZP is 3. Pick the top 3, which you need out of those.

Once you’ve got all 3, your listening pattern will be something like (The X’s are your top 3 picks):

Day 1: X + X
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: X
Day 4: Rest
Day 6: X + X
Day 7: X
All the way till Day 21: X + X
After 21 days, you’ll need 5 days of rest.


You are limited to only 3 subliminals in a stack and from the list you mentioned, I’d go with running Ascension, Heartsong and Love Bomb as those 3 address those aspects of your life that you mentioned: Ascension for productivity + general improvement in self-concept & how you are perceived, Heartsong to revitalize your relationship with your partner and Love Bomb to increase the quality of all of your interactions, including those with your partner and your children.

Best of luck.


Wow!!! Thanks guys. All great advice. Will start with three and do the 21 days on off as recommended above. :blush::sparkles: