Becoming the master of my universe


Okay, here goes. This is my journal. After some researching, comparing, commenting, questioning, buying, questioning some more, waiting for funds to buy stacks instead of exchanging in order to keep up with future updates (which I love that you guys do by the way), and waiting for the release of Primal Seduction – I finally have a stack I’m going to run for the foreseeable future.

Ascension V2 x2
Mogul V2 x2
Sanguine x2
Primal Seduction x2

I’ve been running this stack for about a week now. Starting with A & M, then adding Sanguine, and finally PS when it was released. None were doubled in the stack except PS (because I wanted to catch up as much as possible on the play/listen count) and I added Aura at the last minute because it seems like an awesome booster sub.


My 30th birthday is in a few weeks at the end of April. All my life I’ve never really amounted to much. When I was a kid I had trouble fitting in. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with leukemia. This led to me spending most of my teenage years in and out of hospitals. It wasn’t until high school that I started to find a groove and some friends. Since then, I’ve always managed to be a pretty popular guy, I have a wide social net – largely thanks to the EDM scene in my city (I’ve been DJing underground shows/festivals for ~9 years now). Despite having been part of scene for so long, however, I’ve never really gotten anywhere with my music in terms of consistent bookings.

I have always been pretty out of shape. I’ve been both severely overweight and underweight, with rapid fluctuations. I’m currently in the best shape I’ve ever been, exercising and maintaining a steady diet at a stable weight in my ideal range. Recently I even noticed an ab muscle developing on my torso for the first time in all my life.

My dating life has been really hit or miss. I’m not awful with girls but I could definitely be better, I often find myself in the friend zone. I’ve dated some pretty hot girls in the past but it’s always been relationships that I “fell” into, so to speak. I want to take more action, have more control over the quality and quantity of women in my life.

I haven’t really worked much in the last 5 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have access to funds that made it possible to basically just dick around doing whatever I wanted for the last half decade (a gift I’m embarrassed to admit I squandered). But that has to change for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I’m running out of money and without starting to earn a steady income again my current lifestyle will be unsustainable. Above and beyond that, I see real potential for the future of my company and my ideas for the future. There is a clear and definite path to success. I’ve always been an intelligent and social person, good warm personality, good sense of humour – there’s only a few qualities I’m missing for an all-around charismatic leadership type of personality (outgoingness, alpha male dominance). The only way for me to make money with out having to go out and get a job is the network marketing/direct sales company I’m affiliated with.

Goals (these will change as the weeks progress along with my skills)

  • Cold approach 10 prospects for work a day (minimum)
  • Cold approach 10 girls to game a day (minimum)
  • Spend at least 5 hours per week working on music
  • Exercise 20 minutes per day (minimum)
  • Course exercises (see below)

Additional supplements

On top of the SubClub subs I’m using a number of other products in combination. I will at no point, list any of the products by name or link to them but I feel it would be an insufficient report if I didn’t mention everything I’m doing. If this for whatever reason violates the forums code of conduct let me know and I’ll edit it out immediately :slight_smile:

  1. Flash screen subliminal. I’m using a free flash screen subliminal on YouTube to help with my procrastination specifically, as this is a major issue for me. Regardless of knowing better I have a lot of difficulty taking action. So I’m doing anything I can do to help me start taking massive action. I am only running this once daily. So far it’s been 2 days and I’ve definitely noticed a yearning to do more.
  2. Pheromones. I’ve got an assortment of pheromones which I’ll be testing in field. Since I’m also going to be testing these for both dosage and results, they will be regimented. I will have days on and days off so I’ll be able to have somewhat of an idea of what’s doing what and when.
  3. Online course: The third and final element is a 6 week/30 day course I got some time ago. It is an online video course on being more sociable/charismatic. Although not a hack, per se, it is something that’s going to be inputting new skills and behaviours into my life – so I’m including it.

I’ll be listening to the stack overnight. I’ll rotate between ultrasonic and masked on a nightly basis. If I have too much trouble sleeping and listening to masked (I’ve been doing solely ultrasonic thus far) then I’ll switch to only ultrasonic. Because I’m going to be spending my days cold approaching, it makes it difficult to listen during the day. I will put the masked version of each sub on my phone for casual listening but that will be considered more to be “bonus exposure”.

Here we go!


Day 2
Okay, so one night of the stack ultrasonic and one night masked. The masked version of the stack is considerably shorter in time compared to ultrasonic so I’m thinking about whether I want to a) Run a few of the subliminals a extra times or b) take advantage of the extended time on the Dreams presale and throw that in with my masked stack.

In terms of productivity I didn’t really get much done. I haven’t done any cold approaches. I did go out for a bit yesterday, I noticed that I my body posture self corrects a lot quicker now. Before when I would walk around, if I would look down or have to watch where I’m going my posture would shift to a less alpha/dominant position. Now I’m much quicker to notice and immediately readjust.

I have been exercising, but that’s essentially been the only item in the goals list that I’ve kept up on. I think the 10/day minimum might be a bit too daunting coming out of the gate with no support in field. I’m going to change it to 10 minimum for the week and check if that takes some of the pressure off. This is the absolute minimum the targets can and will go and they must/will be increased ASAP (preferably in week 2 when I hit them for the week).

While I haven’t been talking to strangers, I have been talking to people I know. There’s been a significant change in the manner with which I communicate. I can’t explain exactly but there’s a much more calm and respectful, yet powerfully dominant way in the way I speak to people now. I was discussing something with people who’s views were opposite mine and the way it was handled was far far more tactful than my usual demeanour.

There’s a few girls I’ve been talking to. A few of whom I’ve slept with before, one in a different city who said she’d sleep with me if she comes for a visit and another who I’ve known for a long time but have been in the friendzone. The friendzone girl is recently single, definitely the hottest one by far and is talking to me now more than ever before. The ones that I’ve been with before are both going to a show on Friday. This gives me lots of time to practice approach game between now and then and have some preselection bias working for me at the event. I’ll update again when there’s something more to say. Cheers.


Okay update time.
I still have gone out to do cold approaches at all. There should be some this week as the weather is getting much nicer finally and enjoying the warm sunny weather without snow is the perfect excuse to get out more.
I’ve skipped working out the last couple of days, a few because I was being lazy and 2 because I got one shot in each arm at the doctors yesterday which made moving my arms extremely uncomfortable, verging on down right immobilizing.

I went to two events on the weekend, one on Friday and one Saturday. Friday night was kind of a crap shoot because I took some hallucinogens that ended up being way too strong and for the first few hours of the party I was doing everything I could to just keep my calm and not get tossed from the venue. Once I had regained composure, things got a little better. I was getting definite IOIs from people, including two strippers who would not leave me alone. Any other night I would’ve have pursued this, but because of another personal situation I really just wanted them to leave me alone - I was not in the right mental space to be intimate with anyone. The situation in question was running into a really old friend, someone who was once like a younger sister to me. We hadn’t spoken in months recently I’d been thinking about contacting her because my father passed away last month and she was one of my friends that actually knew him. Suffice to say, this made for an awkwardly emotional night where the last thing I wanted to focus on was two strippers (though I’m half kicking myself for not going for it now lol). I also got approached a lot more and met more people than I usually do so that was interesting.

Saturday night I went to another show, I left early because I hadn’t slept the night before because of the drugs and I was just extremely tired. The only reason I went was because the party was for my friends’ promotion company’s launch party. There weren’t a tonne of people there when I left. There was one super cute girl who showed up with some other friends of mine and I got definite IOIs from her. When I left I told her I would add her on Facebook which she seemed keen on but she still hasn’t accepted the friend request so who knows.

There is a definite difference in how people are treating me and how I interact with them. Interactions flow much more smoothly and people are starting random conversations with me more in places like waiting in line.

I was listening to the ultrasonic stack with DFX audio enhancer and Fire recently replied to a post where he suggested that might be a bad idea. So there were 3-4 listens from last week that are potentially low effect to completely ineffective. I’ve since turned off DFX when using my computer.

I put DREAMS and Into Distant Worlds in my stack and I’ve noticed more vivid dreams however I’m still not able to retain much upon waking up, but it’s only been a few days.

I think that’s it for the update. Until next time.


Update before going into the weekend
After adding DREAMS to my stack (one play of DREAMS and one play of IDW at the beginning of my stack each night before bed) I can confirm that I am starting to have more intense dreams. There is definitely something happening but I am having trouble retaining. I am hoping when the journal comes out, that it will help with retention (as is often the purpose with dream journals). I may start one of my own if the delays continue (I am in no way complaining, I know you guys are very busy and I’m spitballing alternatives).

I had a meeting with one of the very few clients I do have in my network marketing company and we talked for about an hour about life and the future. It was an eye opening conversation that gave me real inspiration and motivation to continue on my path. The experience left me filled with a certain hope, it was refreshing. I also talked her about adding a new product to her existing package, she was incredibly interested in it and we have plans to sign her up for the new product soon.

I’ve been talking to a few girls, all of them seem at least half interested in moving forward but haven’t been able to get any actual meetings, everything has been on chat. Hopefully now that the weather is nicer and people are getting out more I can lock in a few meetups and get things going. I will say that my inner game seems to be hardening up. I’m much more non-chalant and find myself "yes and"ing things more comfortably and easily, flowing conversations quite well. I’ve also noticed myself becoming far far more comfortable with silences. Where before I found them almost unbearably awkward, now I find them an opportunity to soak in the moment.

Going into this weekend there are a tonne of events/birthdays going on with opportunities to be social/approach women so I’m comitting to getting myself out there. Tomorrow is supposed to be the first truly gorgeous day of the year (temps above 10 degrees celcius and sunny skies all day) so I’m going to take that opportunity to network and prospect, leveraging people’s “sunny” disposition :wink:



Outgoing and Extroverted individuals are incredibly well fit for entrepreneurship as they must network and convince customers to buy the products. I wish you well on achieving your ambitious goals!


Okay so in reading other peoples journals I came across people saying that the subs need clear, direct goals for the most effectiveness… There’s 14 days left in the month so here are my goals for the next 2 weeks:

Earn $1000 in commissions (equates to about 2 new clients)
Recruit 3 people to my team
Meet at least one woman 8 or higher and progress to the point of at minimum entering her social circle, if not becoming regularly sexual with her. I have to meet this person through cold approach, I cannot meet them through a friend or other “accidental” means.

I haven’t written these down yet but I will write them down on a piece of paper and carry them around with me.

As far as new things to report goes, there’s been a little progress but not much. More feeling comfortable with myself and met a girl at an event on Saturday but she was introduced to me through a mutual friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. No cold approaches for work or social yet. Weather is getting nicer but I find myself feeling stuck/shut in. Working on getting myself out the door and taking my action. It feels really shitty to feel so helpless about something that seems so trivial. Each day I feel myself just a little bit more motivated to take action as the time I waste gets deeper and deeper under my skin.



What do u do


I work for a network marketing/MLM financial services company