Becoming Legendary

“Khan is the epitome of self-development. It is not about seducing women but pushing you to grow up as a man, develop godlike qualities and character traits, and finally become a man of such a high caliber, that is only natural for all women to get aroused and attracted to you. The success with women is not the primary goal, but the inevitable consequence…" -Friday (January '22)

While my social life is sorted, I still have not reached the full potential of Khan… especially regarding self-development (skills and character traits).

So I decided to continue running my Wanted Khan custom. But as my priorities and goals changed, I want to properly document this part of my journey. For this reason, I opened up this new thread.

Current stack:

Module List

Wanted Khan v2

  1. Khan ST4
  2. Wanted
  3. Sanguine
  4. The Commander
  5. A/SPS: Eyesight
  6. Harmonic Singularity
  7. Emperor Fitness: Height Inducer
  8. Transcendental Connection
  9. Code of Loyalty
  10. Lifeblood Fable
  11. Untouchable
  12. Gloryseeker
  13. Fearsome
  14. Fenrir
  15. Wayfinder
  16. Carpe Diem
  17. Natural Winner
  18. Mountain Breaker
  19. Furious Ascent
  20. Yggdrasil

//New productivity custom coming soon :bangbang:


Interesting way of seeing it. It resembles the way I’m looking at Khan too about fixing the inner game and not just as you said, that women are not the primary objective but the natural consequence. That is the way I’m approaching my Khan journey… looking forward to read about your journey :blush:


That was actually a badass intro bro. Inevitable consequence. The most beautiful thing about purpose is that when it’s strong, the women flow in. Protect that energy like treasure. Pirates killed for it, but what’s the energy that lies behind the gold (value).


That intro made me want to buy Khan ngl haha

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Khan and Productivity

Khan pushes one to seek the most fun, which is one of the reason seduction comes so easily. However, this might be the hidden reason why it can be so challenging on Khan to be productive… It seems like I am having a subconscious fear that the moment I let go off all my unproductive habits and time-wasting activities all for me left to do would be work. As social media and TV shows are actually a great way to experience fun and enjoying social interactions with a click of a button, even if they are technically not real. But your mind does not differentiate here.
The solution might be instead of brute forcing yourself to quit social media, one should prioritize making a habit to innate social interactions on regular basis, even on stressful work or exam-preparation days. Instead of watching the next best reality show, try calling your best friend or inviting a few people for (strip) poker.


how did you do this?

I also have this modules in my coming custom. let’s see what happen!

From my contemplation I reached to the conclusion that emperor is better for your goals OR use khan towards creating a job which has a-lot of social interactions in it. Since you are an entertainer (if I am right)

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„The only way to end the suffering is to do the work“

  1. Chosen: Way of Nature
  2. Limitless Executive
  3. Mind’s Eye
  4. Machine: Action
  5. Organization Perfected
  6. Productivity Unleashed
  7. Carpe Diem Ascended
  8. Eye of the Storm
  9. Science Adept
  10. Joie the Vivre
  11. Victory‘s Call
  12. Khronos Key
  13. Achilles
  14. The Oath
  15. Overdrive
  16. The Lines
  17. Deep Sleep
  18. The Way of ROI
  19. Void Of Creation
  20. Fusion Optimized

Introducing my new productivity custom which I will stack alongside Wanted Khan v3


WTF is this Pain Killer ?? wow weldone Friday

@Alphamale what do you think ?


I don’t see the point of CWON, because I don’t know Friday’s goals.

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Good point @Alphamale i suspect he want to dissolve traumas.

@friday please post your goals

Nothing is more productive then Nature. Nature itself is the best teacher of effortless productivity. The trees grow and the animals grow on instinct without any sense of external motivation; its instinct. I think him including CWON is a hidden X factor which will give him great results because its an effective counterbalance to the kick in the ass modules and will insure he remains balanced between active implementation while still staying relaxed and calm enough to work effectively and prevent burnout, overwhelm and rushing his tasks.

All that’s just my own opinion though.


Amazing when Khan meets Wanted :grinning:

I couldn’t say it better


Man, ZP is sooo POWERFUL. The transformation I have been going through in the past months alone is mindblowing. Looking at my journal posts from only January I hardly recognize myself and the unnecessary problems that occupied my mind.
If I need to describe it in two words I would say I developed an strong authentic confidence coming from within and a certain easiness looking at life that changed EVERYTHING.
With Khan + Wanted + Commander I reached a level where I can get ALL girls in my social circle, straight 10s or even famous women, just by partying and having the fun of my life.
I just turned 21 and got offered the position of Chief Financial Officer for a nation-wide company selling medical equipment to students. How is this ALL even possible? I always think I can’t get better but then it just keeps getting better… and better! In a few years I will throwing my parties on yachts, and transforming the medical industry to focus on holistic health first and profit second.


It’s like you have a passion for SERVICE, like @SwagKing
Wanted khans 🫡😉

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Wow congratulations brother. You are a great King. Well done. @friday

@Alphamale It’s just getting started. 2023 is gonna be something else. International Khan.

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The self confidence on khan is LEGENDARY

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Why the nickname Friday? Is it your favorite day or does it have some deeper meaning?

Hm, honestly I think I am 100% egotistically driven. I want the best (life) for me, my family and friends FIRST. My wish to change the industry has nothing to do with me being altruistic or “in service to others“. The fact that the Elite is so power hungry and obvious in their deception, opens up the biggest opportunity for us to change the power dynamics and rise in status by only be slightly less power hungry than them. Helping others and giving back power to the people will benefit me, my family and friends first.