Becoming a MMA Fighter with Muay Thai Mastery X + Seductress

Disclaimer: I was given various versions of Muay Thai Mastery X for free as a tester over the last year in exchange for my honest thoughts. Also, I posted this on the “reviews” section for Muay Thai Mastery, but was asked to post it here and answer any questions you have about the program.

I was pretty skeptical about the whole idea at first and even turned down the testing offer. After awhile, I felt like I was hitting a plateau in regards to my fighting ability and asked if I could still test.

Can’t say that I noticed an immediate boost. Took about two weeks before there was a “click,” and I realized that something was indeed working. Even my trainer noticed my sudden improvement, particularly in sparring. I was calmer, techniques more fluid and I was becoming much more of an aggressive yet technical fighter than before.

I’ve competed in a number of local smokers and amateur IKF bouts, and there’s one thing for sure. I won all the bouts where I ran Muay Thai Mastery X according to the instructions before hand. Lost the ones where I didn’t run it.

That’s just my two-cents. I’m definitely gonna keep running it now that the official version is out.


Latest update:

I’m about 6 months into the program. The results are REALLY starting to stick now. At first, there were really subtle happenings, like being able to predict what a sparring partner was going do next. What’s weird about that whole thing is that it’s not like you’re psychic or something, it’s just an intuition thing. I compare it to spiderman’s danger sense, where you just kinda react to what’s happening and then later think, “wtf was that” lol.

Now, I’m starting to see the physical changes. Seem to be getting extremely fast with clean techniques, progressing much faster than my teammates seem to be going.

As for the cons: I was given the “release” version as compensation for testing. However, the release version doesn’t seem as “intense” as the final prototype was. In a way it feels more profound, but it definitely seems “toned down” quite a bit.

Also, I wish there were more signs that the program was working early on. There were times that I felt like I was wasting my time, only for something “little” to happen that would keep me motivated, then BOOM it’s like everything clicked and I started getting crazy results that I’ll post later.

Hope that helps!


Been awhile since I updated. Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m about 9 months in, I think. I just won my first professional fight. I really can’t believe how well this thing worked for me. I was totally skeptical at the beginning, but it’s been a crazy journey. I actually think I’m gonna spend a few days off the subliminal just to see what “settles” in.


Got an email from @SaintSovereign asking how I was doing on the sub. Hopefully its because you guys are thinking of upgrading the sub or making one for brazilian jiu-jutsu because while my stand up game is phenomenol thanks to the sub, my ground game needs some work. If you guys are reading this help!

It’s been a year but I’m still running it regularly. Took a few breaks here or there, but I’m still getting what I feel like is incredible results. My record is 3-0 all knockouts. Thanks to the sub, my standup fighting skills are insane. It feels like I can tell what my opponent is doing before they even do it and I can counter before they even finish their techniques. In my last fight, my footwork and distancing was so on point that people were calling me the female kickboxing Floyd Mayeweather.

I do wish the subliminal focused a bit more on the business side of being a fighter. Believe it or not I’m actually an introvert and I have a hard time with self-promotion, negotiating contracts and stuff. I’m thinking about stacking it with Mogul but I’m afraid I’ll lose my momentum fight wise. If I stack will that happen?

Please please consider updating this to New Dawn. Competition is starting to get fierce now that I’m getting recognition in my state as an upcomer. I have a fight potentially early next year and they want me to take on the current league champion. Being honest im a bit afraid of failure and I’m close to losing the opportunity.


How many hours arr you listening per day?


I think “Ascension for Women” would be a good fit to get over your fear of failure and become more confident in your abilities!


I listen to ultrasonic when i sleep. So anywhere between 6 to 9 hours.


So, a lot has happened since I last updated. I had another fight, won by decision bringing my record to 4-0. Unfortunately I think I have reached a limit to my Muay Thai career. There just isn’t anyway for me to progress career wise with just MT unless I want to be a teacher and I really just want to fight. So I’ve decided to transition to MMA! I dream of joining the UFC.

Since Subliminal Club doesn’t have a MMA sub yet (hint hint @SaintSovereign), I decided to add Seductress to my stack after getting the email about it. I was gonna add Mogul and Spartan, but right now I’m doing good from the business side and the athletic side. I have a lot of people wanting to work with me and the such. Where I’m lacking is in the charisma and sensuality department which Seductress helps with. Also a fighter’s life is really lonely and I admit that I do want to start dating more.

So anyway, first day running Seductress for about 5 hours I experienced that Quantumtech power everyone is raving about. This is insane! I was looking in the mirror after showering and I caught myself thinking about just how attractive I am and just felt very very very confident. It was almost euphoric and I hope I’m not saying too much when I say this but I felt myself getting really aroused? It wasn’t like i was attracted to myself or anything. Just a really weird in a good way moment where I just felt very sexy and I absolutely owned it. I wish I could feel like that all the time. Keep in mind that i’ve been running Muay Thai Mastery since April of last year, so I know a lot has been cleared.

So yeah first day was great. Trying to get as many hours as I can. @SaintSovereign I PMed you about changing the name of the journal.


I am might request a custom boxing subliminal. Since my spinal and feet problems are almost healed.


So, I’m on day 4 I think? Hard to keep track of time. I have tried to just do the set and forget method and just go about my day and not look too hard for results. Happy to say that’s exactly what’s happening. I’m already seeing some positive changes emotionally and I think physical (could be placebo).

Emotionally, I’m feeling more confident and sexy as ever. Whenever I look in the mirror, its like I fall into a trance at how beautiful I am. I don’t think any physical changes happened to my face, it’s more like a perception change. I get a lot of attention when I’m out and about, especially if I’m still wearing my training clothes but I always thought the guys were just being thirsty and I’m not different than any other woman that goes to the gym a lot. Now it seems like my inner beauty is shining through.

I seem to be getting increased attention when I’m out. More guys (and some girls haha) stealing glances or locking eyes with me. I’m a genuinely positive person that enjoys the attention so I make a habit of smiling back at any one who smiles at me and waving if he’s really cute haha. Sadly no one has made a move on me yet, but i think it’s because most of the time when I’m out, i’m going to or from the gym and even though i’m smiling, no one wants to go hit on the sweaty girl in booty mma shorts. I’m going to get all dolled up for new years and go out with some friends and see how things fare there.

Physical changes? My breasts have been tingling. Hoping that means they’ll grow in size a bit. One of the problems of training mma so much is that i have no body fat, including my breasts and butt. I’d really like for one or both to flesh out a bit haha.

So, I’m pretty happy with results thus far. I haven’t noticed any improvements in the gym yet, but given that I practically live there I wonder if that’s affecting things.


@ThaiChix - excellent results so far. The physical changes are inspiring for us men because aside from see you glow and grow, a male equivalent of this subliminal is also in the works by SubClub.


Can you update recent progress??


Hey everyone, sorry its been awhile. Lost track of what day it is, but I’ve having so much fun on Seductress. I had some reconciliation for a few days and it was pretty bad, but once it wore off a bunch of stuff started happening to the point that I had a hard time believing it was real. Everywhere I went, guys were opening doors, moving out of the way, smiling and apologizing. One guy at Vitamin Shoppe paid for my creatine and protein powder, saying that a woman as beautiful as me shouldn’t ever have to pay for anything. I felt bad and tried to get him not to pay because that’s not who I am, but he insisted.

Physical changes are starting to happen and that is what I’m excited about the most. It looks like my hips are starting to curve and give me a figure rather than me looking like a big rectangle haha. It is working differently than i thought it would. I thought that maybe the bones or something would change but it looks like I’m getting more muscle in my butt and upper legs. On one hand it looks great and I’m starting to get guys turning completely around when they pass. On the other hand having more mass there will make it harder to kick. So we’ll see if that becomes an issue. I havent noticed it hurting my fighting skill (Muay Thai Mastery X is taking care of that).

My breasts seem to be a bit fuller also, but I can’t tell if that’s an actual size change or a perception thing. Like my confidence is at an all time high, it could be that I’m just accepting the size I had and not hating on myself.

Last but not least, I didnt even know if I should mention it, but I went on a few dates and they were all amazing. One in particular. This guy is like my dream guy. The type of man that every girl wants and doesn’t think they can get. I’m not really looking for romance too much so I was really down for hooking up, but to my surprise HE suggested that we wait because I’m worth waiting for. Of course all my friends are saying that he’s gonna play me or whatever but the thing is, you can’t “play” someone that just wants to be friends with benefits. I let him know that and he still wanted to wait because he wants to date. So, hopefully he’s not playing some kind of unnecessary game because even if he just wanted to 'hit and quit" I wouldn’t care. But if he IS genuine. Wow. Subclub wtf hahaha.

Loving this sub. Next update will be more on Muay Thai Mastery as I’m heading into fight camp. @SaintSovereign @Fire where is BJJ mastery??? haha


Whats that?


She’s hoping they make a brazilian jujitsu mastery sub

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Ohh got it thanks


Great. It’s only been 3 weeks since the product release. :slight_smile: :+1:


any updates?


Wow really interesting results !!! I want to start fighting again and this made me put this sub on my waiting list.
Are you bisexual? Seems your getting attention also from girls…could be that your so sexy they cant seem to hold themselfs hahaha


Any new results? This was a great read :ok_hand:t3:

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