Become a better Husband/father



I need your help. I want to become a better husband/father and need help of which subliminals are best suited for me. I got divorced from my wife for not being good husband or father and now im determined to become one. Can someone point me in the right direction ?


I recommend Khan (I do for everything :D)

It’s a bit tough to explain all the reasons behind it I would have to dive deep and go on and on… but I get a sense you can really use it. Some would recommend something like Emperor, also could be valid, but I think the healing in Khan and the ‘recreation’ of your character is very important because you build yourself as the man you’d like to be. First you must be that, then you can be a good husband/father, and perhaps for a deserving woman who stays with you. Don’t wanna sound judgmental, but I get a sense that you think you didn’t do something right, and are in your mind still wanting to get back with your wife…

Anyways, all that aside: I recommend Khan :smiley: Stage 1 healing is amazing, and the rest of it redefines you as a powerful and strong man, and you will be able to choose your own path.


Thanks alot for the replay !

Would be nice to hear some more opinons from others

Edit: i can add a respons to that about “you want your ex wife back” and yes i do and i know i did some awful things to her and the kid so i know im at fault here , thats why i need to improve alot even if she never comes back. I need it for myself at least


You’re very welcome. I also recommend reading the relevant pages on the website, then reading the journals on whatever catches your eyes.


Added a edit on your last message. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Which relevant pages do you refer to ?


I am referring to the pages you find here:

I recommend some alpha title, but of course first you may sit down and decide what a great husband or father requires in your opinion. For me, Khan and Emperor come to mind more than all the rest. And I recommend Khan normally, but actually now that you mention this situation I get a feeling Emperor could be very good for you as well. See which one resonates more. Khan is more open to customization of your experience, Emperor is a lot more serious and will probably get your mind fully off all women and focus you on building your empire and becoming the great man you were destined to be. Khan, heals you, gets rid of traumas, helps you build a really solid frame and character, find yourself, create yourself, and go take action on your goals in life including dealigns with women.

Also I saw your edit. I understand but also just my personal opinion is, it always takes two. So if something went wrong, don’t blame yourself only, and also exactly… do it for you. I personally think if a woman leaves me I’ll always find something better and she just didn’t deserve me. It has held extremely true. I don’t know the details, but I think you will find similar results when you rise above your current situation. I hope this helps and wish you all the very best.


Thanks alot for the long answer. Helps me to think it trough. I just wonder with KHAN do you get aggresive with it ? I had problems with that in the past and dont want to repeat that behaviour so if it makes me aggresive maybe its not for me. Did you have any experience with it ?

Also if i start with KHAN but then decide i dont want to be this guy is it possible just to switch to emperor whitout needing to do healing again?



You’re very welcome. I didn’t get aggressive personally at all. Emperor had that effect more. If you decide to you can always also mix in something like Regeneration in order to heal, maybe do that first. It’s all up to you. You won’t need to do anything, a lot of options, and you can only get better =) So yes you can switch if you feel like it, but I would advise against that because this desire to switch may just be ‘reconciliation’ and some part of you wanting to keep you as you are, in the known, and by sticking to it you will grow. But yes, if something resonates with you more you can always switch.

Yes, I have experience with Khan and Emperor and a few other products here.


Great inputs. I think after all im going for KHAN.


I am happy to hear that because I think there is no way you can go less than right with Khan. Big thanks to the producers, what a great product.


In this case, subliminals will help, but as part of a more extensive process.

You need to review yourself and your life. You’re the best qualified to determine what your most important areas of growth may be. Don’t take shortcuts.

Ask yourself the tough questions and take your time so you get the answers right. Running off half-cocked with a sense of desperation is fine for getting you moving in the short-term but it’s not a long-term plan. And marriages and families are long-term situations.


Take a look around.

Assess what has happened. What did you do? What did others do?

(Guilt feels very appropriate, but it’s actually a cop out. Guilt will give you the illusion that you’ve actually fixed something because ‘oh God! I feel so bad!’ But it’s just an emotion. It hasn’t fixed anything. Try to take an objective look and see what your strengths and weaknesses were; your mistakes and your contributions.)

Get help ( and external accountability) by working through these issues with someone trustworthy. Maybe a professional.

Finally, clarify your values and your goals. What do you want to happen? If the only person you could control were you, what would you choose to do with that power?

THEN choose your subliminal.


If you’re considering a custom as another option, a lot more flexibility becomes available. You can still include Khan ST1, or choose the component modules instead. If there was any anger involved, I’d also strongly suggest pairing anything you choose with Sanguine.

I had a nasty relationship which ended just over 10 years ago, and I still have nightmares about it sometimes. Just some of the most toxic people I’ve ever encountered in my life… not just the girl I was dating, but her family too. I’ve had other relationships since then, and have also since gotten married (5 years in March!) and none of the stuff has ever spilled over into other relationships but it’s still there to some extent. Fear and hurt and anger.

Different situation than yours of course, and without knowing any of the details of what you experienced I can’t comment with anything more specific, but I do have an idea of the kind of mindset a good husband/father might need. Feel free to take a look at the emotional healing & mindset custom I’ve designed. It might give you some ideas: Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal

Especially the following ones might be helpful:

  • Blue Skies
  • Ego Adsum
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Steadfast
  • Attachment Destroyer

P.s. sorry to hear things didn’t work out for you so far, but the fact that you’re owning it and working on making a change bodes well for your future success. Welcome to the forum!


I did emotional and psychical abuse for a long time. I was anxious and wanted to get love and everything else from her but rarely was giving anything. I did not follow my purpose in life and was doing stuff that are not good enough like gambling, affairs , and all bad things that don’t have a place in a marriage. So i need to reprogram myself completely…

That’s just a bit


Definitely Regeneration.

I’d also look at:

  • Rebirth
  • Dynasty
  • Stronger
  • The Flow
  • Transcendental Connection

If there were affairs involved and your goal is to be committed instead, I don’t know that I’d personally recommend Khan. I’ve never run Khan though, so feel free to take that comment with a grain of salt. The modules that make up the healing aspects of Khan ST1, however… definitely…

Good options:

  • I AM
  • New Beginnings
  • Growth Through Pain
  • Inner Voice
  • Negativity Displacer


all that @BLACKICE said, plus:

Toss in Love without Attachment too.


Blue Skies.

to help get you to a loving, emotionally-engaged yet non-possessive, non-clinging space.


Thanks a lot guys, That’s for the custom subs ?

Is there a package i can use before going into the custom subs ? Like is it KHAN then ?


yes. Keep in mind no refunds on customs, so you might wanna try out the subs like this first before you do the custom name embeds =)

You can use any of them you like, but again I really love Khan. You can also use Khan st1 a month, then do Khan st2 and add in regeneration if you feel like it, for some extra gentle healing… or you can just use Khan solo. :ook around a bit see what you like - can’t go wrong with Khan. =)


Did you use regeneration?


Not at the same time as Khan ST2, but yes


What can you say about it ?