Beast unleashed and superchargers with custom

Hi,was thinking of running beast unleashed and beast within/legacy with my custom.Would that be fine or would it be too much for the brain and slow down the processing of the sub?

The superchargers are generally fine to mix with anything. They cause more of an immediate state shifting effect.

Alright,thanks alot(^^)Really love beast unleashed and legacy for gym.very noticable performance difference when running them vs without for gym.You definitely made very awesome products.
Would probably use beast within more if it had better music like legacy though.The music in legacy is a lot more motivating for me and i think i have aphantasia cause cant visualize to save my life so dont think i get the full effects of them(>
Would love to see more active superchargers though like one to play during sex like DarkPhilosopher suggested before in the emperor fitness thread(^_^)