Badboi - The Dominator


I Ordered a new custom,
It’s Emperor core and Khan ST4 core.
And 8 modules, some of the new one’s.
Will post them later.
Looking forward to try it out.

Btw, on stark i dont write much in my journal, super lazy.

So this time i think i will update more.



Well since I am running Khan, I actually have no desire whatsoever to post here on the forum haha. Anyway, excited to see what you build there :slight_smile:


I think attachment destroyer in your custom ‘destroyer your attatchment’ to this Forum :joy:


will you stack this with your last custom, or run it solo?


Is it just me, or Khan is getting more and more love?


Solo, best results :ok_hand:

I think this custom will be enough for my needs. Have too see, maybe stack later, it does have Mosaic in it.


It’s just you :yum: hehe.

Khan is getting more popular on forum yeah.

People notice how great khan is.


Yea, to me it seems Khan was underrated for a period of time this year.


But i have Emperor in here that will kick my ass into action. So i hope there will be more updates. Lol.


Yes, Stark took the light off khan.
Stark on paper looks better, since it have qlq, fame, pcc, intelligence, creativity and more.

Maybe khan needs an update later, like qlq, PCC and thatgood stuff.

I think they can put more stuff in now since they’re technology is better.

  • Which Modules Do You Want Included?:
    Emperor Q Core
    Khan ST4 Q Core
    Transcendental Connection
    Male Enhancement
  • Build Strength: Q


Wish ya lots of success on your journey. This custom subs are the best towards specific goals.


Thank you ! :slight_smile:


Hows it going @Badboi?


I changed the custom, too daredevil and emperor but i kinda want to try out khan and emperor also, maybe i buy it later, waiting for the 12 now, lets see whats it about :slight_smile:


you are a badboy, switching it up :slight_smile:
I find Medici is the best social fit for Emperor -but obviously it’s distinct than DareDevil

Khan+Emperor=The Titan
I’m working my way up there :slight_smile: