Badboi - Super Alpha 2.0 ZP

Hey, i just made this journal for my new custom ZP that was Qv2 before.

It was an upgrade for only 50$…

I got the files today and have played 1 loop so far masked.

I call it : Super Alpha Male 2.0 :rofl:
Which Modules Do You Want Included?:

Khan ST4 Q Core
StarkQ Core
Power Can Corrupt Q Core
Chosen of Venus
Direct Influencing Aura
Transcendental Connection
Attachment Destroyer
Dragon Tongue
Carpe Diem Ascended
Joie de Vivre
Productivity Unleashed
Natural Winner
Pride Unbroken
Lion IV
Godlike Masculinity
Alpha of Alpha
Iron Frame

This is massive i wonder if it will work okay, lol.

So far i’m happy about it and modules and stuff.

Some things i notice after 1 loop today.

I become more assertive, dominant, horny, it was like i just injected some testosterones or some shit.
I was doing the right things fast… with quick and firm decision.
I notice kind of like a stare contest with people outside and i somehow feel good about it.
I felt great for a few hours then, its was like the sub just become stronger and more powerful and intense.

I started getting tired mental and in my body.
Feeling a little lost in the world/head
Shifting states.

And now after some hours i feel like i landed on earth again lol, what a ride.
I am now feeling very masculine and good, i love it so far.

This is day 1. :sunglasses:


Sounds nice, and so many possibilies for only 50$ :sweat_smile:.

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@Badboi this has 4 cores lol? I’d love to see how that works out for you lol!

I want a Custom with 3 small Cores but wasn’t sure if it would of worked out.

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Haha, yeah :slight_smile:
Maybe 3 small is easymode

Hahaha how is the reconciliation and processing doesn’t it feel dense?

I’ll keep a close eye on your journal hehehe

Actually, It’s not bad, i can think clear, my head does not feel “full”, only small pressure on top of my head.
My mood is great :rofl:

I’m getting some kind of mind orgasm, lol.

Interesting hahaha I even have those pressures with the store programs so whatevaa haha

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Good night :smiley:

Brotha over here with the Infinity Gauntlet.



Hey, new day , it’s still vacation, going to the dentist in 5 min, oh shit, at least it’s a hot chick haha…

Hm, i am very relaxed today maybe too much.
Lion mode :joy:
First part of day it felt like the sub wasn’t doing much but bam it working again… ah good :+1: back in masculinity.

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The sub is starting to feel more natural …

Like i am this way, instead of trying to be.