Badboi - Emperor V2


Day 1.


This will be my first program from subliminal club.

I started with Emperor V2 at night.

When i was asleep i had a dream about a wolf, it was pretty intense, dont remember much about this wolf but he was there with me.

I’m not sure if masked or ultrasonic is better too play, so i play masked and ultrasonic.
Think i will run ultrasonic when i sleep and masked at day time.

One thing i notice from today is that i kinda wanted too touch a woman i was speaking too.
Felt like it was natural too just do it, but i didnt.

I hope i will get some good results in the future…


I’m running Emperor now,
And it defently feels alot stronger for me.
I feel alot more masculine power, and i feel like im the real shit or in other words im secure in my self.
I know this sub is about building an empire, sure, if i get the motivation and chance for it i might do it.
But for now, im happy with the self improvement this sub is bringing me.
I’m dreaming like alot also.
My dream is very sexual, i remember this dream i had, at first it was 2 hot ladies in my bathroom, after watching some action i went into my living room and there it was 5 hot ladies waiting for me and when i was looking out the window, there were 2 more waiting for me, like wtf, and they were all super hot, haha. this dream was so epic.
My self image is improving also, i feel the emperor image, feels like it is just a matter of time before it takes over.
Loving it so far.


Great journal entries so far, keep it up man, you’ll see the worth in writing it all down very soon when you start reflecting back on your journey.


I can feel the learning part is kicking in.
Playing on low volume, i get headache if i play on medium, not so great.
I kind of have this feeling that i deserve good things in my life.


I am experiencing the same nice write-up.


First day i started with Primal Seduction and it made me feel good inside, i did become a little bit more quiet then normal.
I’m not feeling it working hardcore, probably because its alot of info too process.
And its only the beginning, with more time it will grow stronger.
I think im becoming more friendly, but what bothers me was that i felt kind of weak.

Now i started play Primal Seduction Iron Throne today and its feels stronger.
By stronger i mean more assertive, speak my mind, more in control, feeling stronger.
Not sure whats inside Iron Throne but its good :smile:

Would be good too have a module list of what inside Iron throne and a masked version because i dont want everyone in this house too be a beast like me.

So far im liking this sub, going to check out some ladies tomorrow, see if my new power is any good.


Now i am running daredevil ultrasonic

I have been running since it came out, had too take a few hours brake, felt fatigue.
But now after a few hours brake i feel fine.

Not sure if i should stack anything with it, but i wanted too see what it can do, thats why i run this only.

What i first notice was anti stress or anxiety relief all over my body.
After a while it calmed down.

Now it starts too feel good, energy is increasing, like an explosive energy inside me.

I did talk with few people today and i did feel more in control.
I also drove my car and stopped, catching myself automatic staring at people and feeling fine.
I did see a few videos on youtube on social mastery.

I’m a introvert person so i dont talk much unless i feel its important, i was hoping this program will loosen me up so i can get good at small talks.

Looking forward for tomorrow.