Bad self improvement stack


I am preparing for the TOUGHEST exam in the world(which is next year) and I really want to make sure I don’t leave any stone unturned.
My current stack:

Limitless X
Beyond limitless
Ascended Mogul
Limit destroyer
Emperor X

I want suggestions and tips on how I can make it more effective.I listen upto 22 hours. Any feedback and views about the current stack will be greatly appreciated.


Seems all over the place to me. Why do you have Emperor and Emperor X and Limitless and Limitless X? Ascended Mogul’s script is already included in Emperor.

If your exam is primarily mental work, it makes sense to have Limitless and Beyond Limitless. I see also a place for Limit Destroyer. Unless you have some emotional trauma tied to failing exams, I don’t see why Rebirth is in there.

Another thing is that Emperor could really well make you question if that exam or school in general is even the right way for you. Someone on this forum went through. Using subs is one thing. Using subs to efficiently support your goals is something else.


Okay mate I got you. I assumed these other ones(like emperor and ascended Mogul) would help me get more disciplined but nevermind. Thanks for bringing in more clarity


Emperor is known to make you focus almost exclusively on your goals. So I guess that would include discipline. But my question is still the same. Why 2 versions of Emperor and Limitless?
Maybe some folks in here will have more insights to help you. Read the forum and look up people who ran Emperor.
Good luck with your exam . :muscle:


Yeah listening to 2 versions of the same thing wasn’t a very thoughtful idea hencewhy I have removed the original build from the list.


If your learning for an exam there is no point in having emperor or ascended mogul there.


The key phrase there is “next year”. So yeah, you probably want to achieve other changes in the same time. :smile:
For the exam alone, Limitless is all you should use.

The rest of us have upgraded to Emperor V2.
Version X is no longer the cutting edge. :+1:


I’d need to know what kind of test you’re preparing for before I can suggest anything, but if it really is exceptionally difficult, I’d go with:

Limitless - 50%
Emperor - 25%
Limit Destroyer - 25%

Calculate how many loops that is based on your intended average listening hours.


Why exactly Limit Destroyer?


Because they’re calling it the “toughest test in the world,” meaning they’re already putting internal limits on themselves. That’s what Limit Destroyer does – destroys internal limits.


Wow I didn’t know v2 was better, Thanks Simon. And I would have love to focus on other aspects of my life but actually this entrance exam is extremely tough.(but that doesn’t mean I can’t crack it) it has a success rate of 0.9% or something so just want to only focus on this.


It’s an engineering exam where actually 1 million people participate but only 5000 or something succeed. so yes I’ll listen to the one you have recommended. But will dropping beyond limitless in this list help?


It can, though Beyond Limitless is mainly focused on boosting creativity and fluid intelligence. If the test requires you to visualize and think through problems, yes it’ll help.