Bad Idea To Use Diamond While Busy With Work?

have any of you successfully used diamond to passively work on sex related issues while at the same time using a product like Limitless or Mogul for work?

im not sure im explaining my question properly so let me explain another way as well.

I’m currently extremely busy with work so im not able to pursue women/sex

But i have some sex related issues that diamond is designed to help with.

Im wondering if i can use diamond to deal with those sex issues so they are fixed by the time im able to pursue women/sex in the near future

for example, i get good results with work stuff from limitless ZP solo, if i was to add diamond ZP solo do you guys think that would negatively impact the results i get from Limitless ZP solo?

im still not sure if i have explained what im asking for properly but hopefully someone reading this gets what im trying to do.

basically, since i usualy only use 1 product at a time, im trying to see if i can use diamond as my 2nd product without negatively impacting the effects of the money/work related products i use solo like limitless zp.

@SaintSovereign @Fire

Edit: yes im aware that diamond might significantly increase my sex drive and thus distract me from work…i already have planned for that and that is NOT my concern. my concerns is related more to that adding diamond might lower the results that i get from products like limitless and minds eye.

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Would b very curious of ur results stunning this stack. Funny thing was 3 days ago i was showing a buddy of mine these products(he is an holistic ed health coach) And he said after reading the descriptions at least the ultimate ed stack would be diamond + paragon + quantum limitless. Fixes blood flow- injury/damage- nerve issues regarding ed… might have to give these 3 a run sometime in future

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i have a strong bias AGAINST using multiple products at the same time it would be bare for me to see a scenario where i use 3 products at the same time.

but i do think you are right that all 3 of these products would impact sexual function.

i recently saw significant boost in sex drive from limitless zp for example.

Nice idea, mate! I should do a run of this too one day.

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