Back in Black (2023 journal)

Custom Physical healing with Paragon and Emperor Fitness Stage 2 as cores

Custom mental healing with Sanguine and Godlike Masculinity as cores

Major title (to be exchanged throughout the year) Emperor Black.


  • physical healing (targeted)
  • fitness
  • healthy diet/lifestyle
  • less stress more mindfulness
  • positivity
  • stoicism
  • discipline
  • deep focus when needed

I liked what Emperor black started and I hope my custom is the right sub to stack it with.


The Sanguine + GLM Cores custom sounds interesting.

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Wow, first effect that I feel intensely is I get symptoms of a cold and my body/back is with a lot of tension. Might not be connected to the subs (paragon custom) but is just a too big of a coincidence.

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Indeed it seems interesting, trying to find out if it is worth it.

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It has been a bit more than 2 weeks in, so time to review from improvements side first:

  • physical healing (feel a bit better but not solved yet)
  • fitness (a bit improvement)
  • healthy diet/lifestyle (a bit improvement)
  • less stress more mindfulness (got triggered by a lot of situations, feels like in recon or my dark side comes to light to be solved)
  • positivity (got a few days this week when I was feeling a lot more positive until a day of setback happened without something external happened)
  • stoicism (not sure)
  • discipline (bit better, but also had a setback day, seems to be closely related to positivity)
  • deep focus when needed (not sure)

What I heard and will take serious from an audiobook:
Only work on up to 2 projects maximum

If I look at my goals a structure them as projects:

  • Physical Healing (Project A)

  • Fitness (Project A)

  • Healthy diet/lifestyle (Project A)

  • Positivity (Project B)

  • Stoicism (Project B)

  • Less stress more mindfulness (Project B/C)

  • Discipline (Project C)

  • Deep focus when needed (Project C)

When I look at my life those goals get reflected by different stuff, my job, my relationship, my family, myself (mind), myself (body), …

I want to restructure my goals according to my life, set priorities according to them and use 2 cycles for the achievement or improvement of up to 2 projects at a time and then reevaluate if I continue with that project (might need to change the subs if a support from a different angle is needed for that project) or if I stop that project.


A lot of physical healing took place, now a cycle without so I can find out if it is enough.

Mindset is changing, seeing the world and opportunities differently than before. Let’s see how it plays out. Enjoying my Sanguine and Godlike Masculinity custom a lot. Routine stuff is much easier to do.

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The 2 customs at the moment are very nice:

  • Sanguine with Godlike Masculinity
  • True Sell with Chosen

A lot positivity


Not only do these two customs raise my positivity but also my confidence and I guess with it also comes the status.

I find myself engaging in more conversations, being aware of the other person, smiling more.

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Before I forget, the discipline is also way better. I do easily routine things without thinking twice, I don’t go after the next dopamine high, instead I look what I can do to improve the life quality in general.


Something really important I notice now that I am consistent on a 2 sub stack:

It seems that 3 titles lead to overexposure for me, but also 2 titles every second day leads to overexposure after a certain time before I reach the 21 day mark. I only listen 5 min per track.

For the future I might have to listen less, get more rest/processing days in. Either one day on two days off or the one day on, one day off with an extra day off per week. I was misjudging the needed exposure for myself.