Awaken the Alpha


If you’re going to do something why not go all in? Completely commit to whatever it is you want to be & accomplish? In my brief experience with Subliminal Club audios I have experienced far more than I have with any other of the numerous subliminals I have used over the last twenty years. I’ve mentioned a few times how important freedom & self reliance are to me. The underlying factor for that would be a feeling of unshakable confidence that is the core of who I am. In my opinion that is the foundation on which everything else can & will be built. More later


Last night I switched back to Ascension and I plan on running that for six months before moving on to Ascended Mogul. I really want to build a solid foundation and right now given my situation Ascension will help more than anything.


Remember, constantly switching subliminals and “it’s not working” syndrome is a hallmark case of reconciliation issues. Choose a plan, stick with it and don’t change. Luckily, the Ascension code base is in AscMogul and Emperor, so you’re not derailing yourself too much.


I understand. My reason for changing is because I’m stacking Ascension with a similar Subliminal that I forgot I have. The combination will put me miles ahead of where I’ve ever been and close to how I’ve always imagined myself as a man and definitely in line with the goals I have. I know of and have read about a lot of guys who listen to various subliminals for any number of reasons. At the top of that list is often related to getting the attention of women or making a lot of money. There’s nothing wrong with either it just isn’t for me. I realized a couple of nights ago that unless I first do the work to become the person I want to be that anything else I do will be like putting a band aid on a wound that requires stitches.


One thing that keeps going through my mind that I love about running Ascension so far is that its almost always forcing me to question what my priorities are. To not be unfocused by the endless distractions and drama around you. That has done so much for someone like myself who has suffered from FOMO ( fear of missing out) in various degrees over the years. Working on eliminating that by itself increases my productivity exponentially


Expanding on my last post I have been thinking about going to work in the morning as well as the applications I am or have submitted for a 2nd job. The 2nd job is to cover financially what my full time job doesn’t yet as I’m still progressing and not at the point where I will get monthly commissions. I continue to lose interest in time wasting activities such as social media.


While we’re not going to openly prohibit the use of competitor’s subliminals, keep in mind that mixing them may have unintended effects. Our subs have scripting that instructs the subconscious to safely mix, but still – unintended effects are possible.

Having the same effect with Emperor. It’s hyper focusing me toward success.


I understand. I’m going to run Ascension by itself for the foreseeable future. I want the description to be ingrained in me on a deep deep level. If that means running Ascension for the next six months to a year so be it.
I currently lack the unshakable self confidence that would make a lot of things in my life ridiculously easier. I’m going to fight through any desire to switch subs and stick with Ascension


It’s strange being told I can easily come across as intimidating but not feeling that deep confidence to back up an unpleasant situation. Several years ago I had a fellow employee at my job at the time that would call me Undertaker or Taker because of my size , length of my hair , and somewhat resemblance to the WWE guy. Back in March I was with my wife when she was at a hair salon and I overheard the stylist doing her hair say how I can and probably do get her out of bad situations because of how I look. I don’t feel intimidating at all and I really want to. I would love to walk into any situation and not feel any agitation or anxiety. My wife has told me I’m far more confident than I think I am. I am curious as to how scary I can be if I feel unshakable confidence


Ascension and Emperor (especially Emperor) will help with this greatly. Remember that our subs are designed to assist you with whatever you’re currently working at, so what would REALLY push you along is joining a martial arts gym – preferably a Muay Thai and/or Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu school. I can honestly say that my confidence has SKYROCKETED now that I’m pretty good. There’s something about knowing that you can wreck someone else’s shit if they mess with you that makes you feel incredible. And Emperor is only making my training easier, more productive and more enjoyable.


Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of my goals. At this time unfortunately I’m unable to afford it .So wait should I run Emperor instead Ascension? Or do a stack of Ascension and Emperor?


Yes, you can stack Ascension and Emperor. I’m going to make a proper guide on it later, but I would do 7 loops Ascension, one loop Emperor. Some audio programs allow you to add the same song multiple times – Google Play for example. If you can do that, create a playlist of 7 loops Asc, 1 Em and use set it and forget.

I hate to make the process even harder for you, but later today, I’m releasing the Emperor EXTREME Experimental for testing, as the results I’m getting from it are quite interesting.


@SaintSovereign How would releasing Emperor Extreme make it harder for me?


Because you’re already switching around so much.


lol, I’m seeing this a lot. What are you withdrawing?


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