Avengers68 Quantum Limitless journal


I bought Quantum Limitless today.

I had very good results with Limitless and beyond limitless. Now lets go beyond beyond limitless :grin:

My goals:
short term : finishing a paper within 10 days and preparing a conference paper within the month
long term: many things like a book and learning a complicated language from Asia (I have some basics but I want to be fluent)

@sovereign @Fire, how many loops for each stage and how long ? weeks ? months ?

I am starting with Quantum Focus. I think at night I will use stage 1 and during the day stage 3. Then stage 2 at night and stage 3 during the day


Was about to jump on the QL bandwagon but decided to hold back till I see what other people are experiencing when using the product. Looking foreward to this journal :slight_smile:


I hope you ll update regularly. If you are planning to use stages like this, it might be better to try ST4. If you can handle it then it will save you a lot of time, or there is any other reason breaking down the listening time like you mentioned?


All this hyper for nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Beyond Limitless a visualization?


It is a guided meditation/visualization around 8 mins long


Yes beyond limitless is visualization.

After 2 loops of St 3 (Quantum focus) and 2 loops of ST4

  • very smooth
  • so smooth, that I did not realize I was listening to ST4. I was reading material for my paper, I was not hearing the ambient noise. It is only suddenly that I realize it was the end of the second loop of ST4
  • I feel very relaxed. the first time I heard ST3, I felt very sleepy. But after that just relaxed, stress free.


Well, that was unexpected :sweat_smile:


Would there by an advantage if you we’re to run each stage for a month until getting to ST4? I kind of want to get all benefits at once while not going through all the stages, but if there’s any benefit of going through all the stages one by one I might just do that instead.


Are there any instructions for QL ?. Not seen anything posted as yet.


Not specially just do as we wish.

The fascinating aspect of QL is that after listening to the loops I stopped and up to now, several hours after, I still feel the effects. Still feel relaxed and focused. I have tried many subliminal on this topic of focus. Many were good in the moment, but when I stopped listening their effects faded away within one or 2 hours


The benefit is that you are priming your mind to be optimized for st4. St4 might have all the other stages within it but listening to the other stages before it should (in theory) amplify how well st4 does


Super cool you’re already noticing results? Do you usually have quick results with subliminals or is there a uniqueness here?


Keep us posted if you find any healing aspect in this .


With the experience of subliminals I am having faster results now than when I started several years ago. I am using always the same topics : focus/concentration/learning, relaxation/stress/meditation and confidence building. But I can say that QL is really strong, with longer effects. I will see that in the long run. My problem is that often get bored after 2 weeks of listening to the same subliminal. So I will see :slight_smile:


Another journey im glued to!


Stick to it! Inquiring minds need to know!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Second day: yesterday was not a placebo effects but a real effect ! I have the same feelings than yesterday : relaxed, stress free even though I am late for my paper. When I am closer to a deadline for my papers I generally feel super stressed. But since I listen to QL I don’t have this stress feelings. Maybe there is a stress buster module in QL ? If yes it is a very strong module ! I listened to 2 loops of ST1 during the night and I know that I was having a very vivid dream. But when I walk up I could not remember this dream. Just feelings of bright colors, clear images stayed in my memory


Im looking forward to reading your QL journey. after reading the description i wouldent be surprised if someone running it becomes like a modern day albert einstein or nicola tesla, and comes up with some kind of earth shattering breakthroughs lol.


:rofl::+1: it is really good in terms of stress buster and feeling warm.