AudioShare - an app for background play on iPhones


For anyone who may find this useful, I am still using the app called AudioShare to listen to subliminals on my iPhone.

AudioShare allows background audio play with independent volume control. That means that I can just leave the subliminal playing while I use YouTube or Music or any other app with audio or video play.

It took me a little while to get completely familiar with it, but now it’s basically an indispensable tool (at least until something better comes along).

AudioShare does not really seem like it is intended to be a simple music player (lacks user-friendly features). I think it’s for editing, music performance, etc. But whatever it’s for, the thing allows background play of audio, and I haven’t found anything else yet that can do that on an iPhone.

You can import files from iTunes music library or Dropbox. And you can even create a kind of playlist. But you can’t set that playlist to repeat automatically. So I’ve found it easiest to just import every single track in my playlist. Mine is a 14-hour playlist so that eats up memory; but that’s how I want it. You may find some other strategy that works better for you. It does allow you to repeat one individual track. So if you have a very simple playlist, that would be enough.

Here’s what my current playlist in AudioShare looks like:

You can’t drag-and-drop to change the track order. But the app puts files in alphabetical/numerical order. So, as you can see, I just put numbers at the beginning of the file names to have it play in my desired sequence.

To play a playlist, you just tap the play arrow next to any track. The app will then play all of the subsequent tracks until it reaches the end. Then it will stop.

To set the volume level, you click on the name of the track itself. And you’ll see where you can adjust the volume.

Every time you restart the app, the volume levels will be reset to the highest. So, this app is risky for listening to Ultrasonics. You could blast your ears without realizing it. And if you listen to Ultrasonics on here, you will sooner or later blast and possibly damage your ears, so be aware of that.

Okay, that’s what I’ve thought of.

And that’s that. For anybody who needs it.


Oh my god! This just made my freaking day!!!

Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been wanting this for sooo long and couldn’t find a solution.

Eternally grateful :smiley:

Will use this today, tomorrow and forever!


I know what you mean. That’s how I felt when I first found it.

Enjoy. :ok_hand:t6:


Happy, happy, joy, joy!

That’s what I’ve been looking for. I just tested it with audible and it worked. Wonderful!

Thank you.

Edit: It even has a wifi drive to transfer files easily.