Astrology Vs Mind Power


So if an astrological chart predicts that a person is not going to have financial Abundance in his/her life.

Can mind power/subliminals/affirmation/visualization can change that prediction??

Can that person enjoy financial Abundance by the help of subliminals and taking action??


Only one way to find out. Decide you’re gonna give it your best and go after what you want. Sadhguru had some nice quotes about astrology that I’ve seen on insta but am headed to bed and not in the mood for finding them.


If you believe more strongly in the power of your own mind than in astrology, then yes. If you believe more strongly in astrology than in the power of your mind, then no.

Neville Goddard specifically talks about astrology in this lecture:


Interesting question. I would like to suggest the below.

  1. The fact that someone is aware of the existence of subliminals and is open enough to try them out points to the possibility that a something intricate was probably missed in reading the astrological chart.

  2. astrological charts represent a snapshot of the subconscious patterns imprinted at the moment of birth. Subliminals can help alter some of those patterns in favor of more desirable ones.


If everything was predefined then nobody will want to make any efforts or work toward achieving anything.


Ramana Maharshi says everything that’s going to happen will happen. That never made sense to me but it seems now that it means to just continue to live your life as you do. If subliminals and improving yourself makes sense to you then do it. Here’s a snippet of Ramana speaking on enlightenment. If that’s not your destiny this lifetime then it’s not your destiny but you’re still gonna do what you’re gonna do.

One summer afternoon I was sitting opposite Bhagavan in the old hall, with a fan in my hand and said to him: “I can understand that the outstanding events in a man’s life, such as his country, nationality, family, career or profession, marriage, death, etc. are all predestined by his karma , but can it be that all the details of his life, down to the minutest, have already been determined? Now, for instance, I put this fan that is in my hand down on the floor here. Can it be that it was already decided that on such and such a day, at such and a such an hour, I shall move the fan like this and put it down here?”

Bhagavan replied “Certainly”. He continued: “Whatever this body is to do and whatever experiences it is to pass through was already decided when it came into existence”.

Thereupon I naturally exclaimed: “What becomes then of man’s freedom and responsibility for his actions?”

Bhagavan explained: “The only freedom man has is to strive for and acquire the jnana which will enable him not to identify himself with the body. The body will go through the actions rendered inevitable by prarabdha (destiny based on the balance sheet of past lives) and a man is free either to identify himself with the body and be attached to the fruits of its actions, or to be detached from it and be a mere witness of its activities”.


That reminds me of another concept that I’ve found extremely useful. That being in the state of not knowing really is the best. Because if you already knew then what’s the point? But since I don’t know, I don’t know. But you do find that that’s where life guides you and you are in harmony with things. That’s what the sages always say. Be okay with not knowing but be fully present in the now. There is where you’re in harmony and in touch with the intelligence behind life. It’s when you just show up because you were inspired or were kind of care free in the moment that the miraculous things seem to happen. And it even just makes the daily mundane just a better experience when you’re fully present and just in the moment.


I know, i asked the question and I haven’t responded to any of the replies.

Some great point made here. See I have studied astrology under some great astrologers in India. I began my journey just after I met Dalai lama in Dharamsala (Himachal). I ran from my home, to live a spiritual life but he asked me go back home. There after I began studying Palmistry, and made great progress. Than I studied Astrology (almost every system in Astrology namely Vedic, Kp, Lal kitab etc), also reiki, angel therapy.

It was during that time I bought two books related to subconscious mind and one book related to hypnosis by fluke, like I dint knew what it was but I just bought it out of instinct. Never read those books.

Until 2013, I did alot of mantra jap at that time and received great results through them. Like magnificent results. So I started questioning myself, how does these mantra work and then one day I was cleaning my room, to find those books i bought out of compulsion.

Because I have studied astrology for years, I can’t differentiate between Astrology and mind power/subliminals.

There are months when I apply mind power to achieve results and I’m not able to, so I go back to refer my astrological chart. It clearly clarifies that I was not suppose to get those thing in those times. And then when I achieve them, it matches with the charts again.

I know, some would say, my mind is making things up, that my mind is tricking me to believe that there is a pattern here.

I have gone through everything you all have mentioned, way before I posted this question here.

I have gone against my chart many times, out of sheer will power. I’m not joking. I have done things that were deemed impossible. But only to find out that this was not meant to be. I was not happy. It’s a very confusing state right now. There are pros and cons to knowledge.

That is the reason I asked this question, but I can’t differentiate and these links you all have provided, doesn’t help.


I see your point, but the problem I see with this is that your subconscious has been fed with astrology and astrological concept for longer than with the concepts of mind power.
Meaning even if you consciously were impartial, your subconscious would go with the astrology and giving it more power than your mind.
So when you start testing you notice that your experience aligns with what your practices tell you and I think that is the reflection of your subconscious.

I hope that makes sense.


Ya it does makes sense. That’s why I ask this question of Astrology Vs mind power to everyone meet (like minded ppl). I haven’t received any concrete answers yet.


My answer is: Definitely yes. But I would say more specifically that your imagination is what makes it a reality. Imagination is reality, as Neville Goddard says


See I’m not imagining things, I m a very practical person, extremely practical person like a scientist.

I will give an example. So once I didn’t referred to my chart for two years. You need to know the current position of planets to know the exact results of my current circumstances. So I didn’t knew it, neither consciously or sub consciously. Ok

During that gap I started Visualization, because I have done meditation for years, my Visualization game is up there. I can clearly see whatever I want to in my mind’s eye, whatever I see I can feel it, taste it, touch it exactly like real.

So I started Visualization, subliminals, affirmation to achieve a goal. Each and everyday. For months, with actions. I did everything that all the gurus on this planet told me to. Every single thing to the T. And didn’t got any results. I was confident that I will receive those results. Moreover i belived that I already have those results. I maintained journals. But all this with zero results.

So one day after all this, it just clicked to me and that I should see my chart, and I did. And I was not supposed to have that specific goal in those time Period according to my chart.

I saw the the chart after I tried everything. Not before.

And I have seen 100s of charts like this.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.


Well of course it is hard to comment and to pin point what it is since I am not you.
I think in general it is hard to tell exactly what is going on since we are just about to discover these things that were around us all the time.
And I also think that your statement “I dont know what to believe anymore” is a perfect opportunity for a new beginning. Dont believe anything - test it! Start all over again and become the scientist of your life.
Try everything and see what is best for you. I dont think we should come to conclusions and say “This is this and that is that” just because we have dont something for our whole life.


The earlier you learn a belief system, the stronger it is. You learned astrology before you learned visualization, so your existing belief in astrology overrode your visualization and stopped it from working.

Are you satisfied and happy with the life the charts say you will have? This isn’t a rhetorical question, really answer from your gut on this one.

If the answer to the question above is no…you need to start letting go of your belief in the power of astrology. I strongly recommend listening to the entire Neville lecture I posted above. Neville himself was a very skilled astrologer, and he talks about what happened to make him let go of his belief in the charts. Khan ST1 is extremely effective for letting go of old belief systems,I got decades worth of spiritual growth in 9 days of use combined with a few hours of daily study.

Quoting one of Neville’s millionaire students, EO Locker Jr: “The future is already set, even what you’ll say to a man you meet in 20 years named Ojmagosh… UNLESS, you change what you’re imagining.”