Astral Projection X ZP

i have a question if anybody can help me out i just listen to it and it was like wow i was getting ready to jump out of body but then i was afraid is there a file that help you overcome the fear and also give you energy to help you Astral Projection i think i try again and it was a weak use like i skip the sound and for 2 day straight and then try again but i like the mask sound but the other one is i need to get a speaker for it work so write back anybody.

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I think I need to run Astral Projection X to make sense of what you’re asking.

Ok I just wonder if there a psychic x file that make you a psychic

Just wonder about it

Astral Projection ZP covers everything you need for astral projection. No need for other files. Remember that it is a process, just like any other - it takes time to develop. Might be comparatively easy but it will still take you a while, and you’ll likely need to develop multiple things at a time to achieve it, including working through your fears and the initial fear that occurs.

The other file is an ultrasonic - if it covers 20khz you’re good to go. “Silence” is what you’re supposed to hear.

Psychic for the sake of spiritual abilities, you could use Alchemist with conscious guidance and action. Keep in mind it is a spiritual title, and development of spiritual abilities might not be as simple nor as straightforward as one might expect. It’s not as easy, obvious and consistent as working out for example.


For psychic abilities you need Soul development. The invisible energies of our being so to say.

With that Aura sufficiently developed you can start sensing astrally, and your clair-senses will start to become developed and you will learn how to use them.

All healthy human beings have the 5 physical senses because growth and development of the physical body is natural.

The Light or Spiritual body takes dedication, practise and application of certain methods or simply a focus on the Spiritual life. But with it comes your ability to come in touch with the invisible nature of reality and utilise the senses that you will develop.

yes it take time but i just wonder something what is the best time to use the Astral Projection X ZP i just wonder because maybe it before the bed time or afternoon time i just wonder…each people are differnet but what do you guy think of it?

Don’t think it matters anymore the moment you run ZP it will affect you day and night for at least 3 weeks.

Day night evening makes no major difference.

I personally listen in the mornings because it energises me.

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I recommend just before sleep. Listening to ZP in general for me impacts my dreams the most when listening before sleep. Compared to my usage during the day, before sleep, there is a big difference.

Last night’s dream was so advanced, complex, intricate and vivid with so much detail and multiple layers that it could be the best movie to ever exist like there is nothing out there like it. I was blown away that I was able to even conjure up that sort of dream. My only change? I listened before sleep for a change instead of during the day.

I am not even using Dreams ZP or Astral Projection X, so me using them would be interesting indeed. I will one day, I would probably do a custom with Astral Projection X and Dream ZP cores.

This is just my opinion, find what works for you, my friend.

I applaud you for going on this journey into the nonphysical, I know there’s so much to learn and wisdom to gain from the experience. I know it is so uniquely mind-blowing too and I have so many questions from the time I experienced it a long time ago when I was consciously into it. A part of me wants to understand so many things about being “over there”. I’m focusing only on my physical life right now as this reality that I am in too is malleable.

Pleasant travels.

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well i just wonder something one more thing i like the Astral Projection X ZP but i also thinking of getting the Dream file one but my question do you listen of them two differnet file on the same day just wonder write back.

i see each person is different so it work on differnet people. hmm i see

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Please focus on the answer @Fire gave as he knows what is in the script of the subliminal.

What @Upwards said, I’ve found helpful; that is running subliminals just before sleep.


One more point:

Most of this stuff, you’re already doing.

The trick is slowing down, speeding up, or synchronizing your attention enough to notice that you’re doing it.

We have hearts to pump blood, brains to propagate information, small and large intestines to separate nutrients from waste, mitochondria to provide energy to all of our functions, and on and on.

And long before our ancestors discovered these organs, we already had them; were already using them.

You’re already astral traveling. Now just try to observe and find out how.