Asking about DR or Khan


Now I’m currently on Ascension and Daredevil. For now my goal its become an alpha male and dominate in social skills. I’m planning to buy khan around march.
But now I’m lilbit on dilemma should I buy DR to heal all my trauma ( parents, ex, past toxic relationship, etc.) or total breakdown is enough to heal me.


Khan stage 1 should do all the clearing you need so if i was you i would go for just Khan.


If you want to be a totally fresh and new person by the end of this year; Khan and Dragon Fire the whole year would be astronomical.


thanks blackadder

I am thinking of running khan for a whole year before, but I don’t know the listening pattern. If I am going to run khan with DR, can you give me some listening pattern examples?

It is doing khan first for 4 months, and after reaching ST 4 then add DR ? or is it better to start with DR first?


Choose which one will be your dominant title. I’d personally go for Khan but it depends on your goals.

Loops depend on the person but if you’re a beginner I’d go for 1-2 loops of Khan and 1 loop of DR per day 5 days a week.

If DR is your dominant title out it the other way around. I’d also do an equal split of stages. So Stage 1 Khan with Stage 1 DR. I think there’s advantages to both.

Up your loops as you feel fit but make sure you’re journalling and everything to keep an eye on your results - don’t over use them, they’re not toys.

Check this out and experiment how you wish however I suggest sticking to the recommendations:

Suggested Listening Pattern


@moon.venture How long have you been running Ascension?


Khan stage 1 can be rather brutal hence me suggesting he stick with only Khan for now. No point in making it double brutal so to speak :slight_smile:


thanks brandon

one and a half months, im planinng to run ascension until march

So it’s a wiser choice if I run khan first, and then maybe at the end of this year adding DR?


X amounts of loops for Khan, X amounts of loops for Dragon Reborn (every weekday) – 3 months on each stage, taking weekends off.


Khan ST1 will heal everything, that would hamper Khan’s goals. Just read over Khan’s page to see if that’s enough for you. You can always run DR after Khan, or vice versa. But I would recommend not doing them at once. Seriously. I’m doing DR and it’s tough. Really tough. Having another major, tough subliminal would be just bad.


Very good question! @moon.venture how long have you been running SC programs?