AscensionQ, Regeneration Q,limit destroyerQ pacman


Hi all
I started running q powered subs and i must say they are extremely powerful…what I noticed is that I. An actually feel my brain working on things when I take time off.
I am 30 years old male that once had everything in life especially happiness and contentment…to name a few i had lots of women by my side…I can’t recall a time I didn’t have gf…lol
I was also very very popular amongst the whole school…
I us d to gym alot and had a great body and play lots of soccer…my strength I had was inhumane…
What ever I used to wish for it used to happen…until years back at college everything turned negative…friends and start yes hating me women never looked twice at me …i lost motivation to gym and play soccer and now I’m here…
I run ascension regeneration and LD inky stack…
Please assist if I can add or change anything…
I want my life back!

Best stack to help me

Ascension, Regeneration and Limit Destroyer is a good stack. Ascension alone should generally sort it out.

Let us know your progress.


This journal and this question you asked before will compliment one another well. Good luck brother :slightly_smiling_face:


Should I remove the other two and leave only AscensionQ?


Listened to AscensionQ last night one loop before bed and woke up really tired in the morning…don’t like doing anything I can actually feel my head processing things.
Feelings of fatigue are also present.


I’d keep em together if I were you. From my own experience, Regeneration has a heavier focus of removing old thinking patterns and behaviors which cause me pain. It does have Ascension Lite (not offered anymore since it’s old technology) which I’d felt recently, but 'Ascension is all about instilling positive masculine thinking and behaviors.

Be mindful of the number of loops though. Tiredness is a clear sign of reconciliation, but it’s our attitudes (I) sometimes don’t check (or even care) when I’m putting too much on myself. Feeling like shit sucks. I’m learning that myself on Q too.


It’s not so much physical tiredness but more brain is tired kind of feeling…it could be reconciliation I don’t know…


Yeah, that’s it, exactly. Brain tiredness. I’d say we ALL have experienced it to some degree. And we’re still learning Q’s demands on us.

Since coming back from it can take a day or more, I’ve learned to back down from too many loops. I’ve overdone it many times myself, so I’m being proactive on preventing it (sounds like I am changing :slight_smile: )

Great job on noticing it. :+1: Reconciliation is normal, and it’s also temporary. If you need a day off, feel free to do so. Q is having a powerful effect on you.

Be nice to yourself during this time.


Well for the positives I noticed increase eye contact from ladies yesterday when out of errands…lol not all negatives :grinning: