Ascension V2 Progress


I have begun this stack this evening and I am loving it so far. I was running Mogul V2 since it’s release but no matter what I kept getting this internal pull or intuition to deal with my inner issues so I can finally let go and do what I need to do and not give a flying fuck about what trivial shit is going on around me. People will always do lame shit and you can’t change that. You can however change how you respond or not


How will you setup your playlist I am curious :slight_smile:


Initially I had planned to run Limit Destroyer in this stack but because of my goals and available time I have to listen I am running only Godlike Masculinity & Ascension V2. That and I plan on purchasing Primal in the near future and adding it to this stack. I didn’t really feel I had a need to run Primal but from reading Iron John and a couple of other books I discovered how much of what the sales page describes is exactly what I need for my mental and emotional health and growth.
I admit I have not always been the responsible man I know I should and need to be. Because of my unwillingness to accept that I am primarily responsible for as much as I am I have either consciously or unconsciously sabotaged my own efforts and opportunities. Instead of just dealing with anything and everything the way I know I should and can I have allowed things and situations to become far worse than they should ever have become. I realize I am being incredibly vague here but until myself and my family are in a much better place I am unable to be more open. In one of his programs David DeAngelo states that the boy must die. It is time for me to stop allowing the boy or inner child in me to run the show and become the man I know I can and need to be


I had a dream last night where I was crying really hard. I don’t recall why I just remember that part of the dream. Something else I thought of is I feel at times I am afraid of my own potential. Why I have no idea. I feel like I am afraid of a lot of things I probably shouldn’t be . It makes me crazy that I can’t just say " fuck it" and do what I need to do. I feel like I am getting in my own way far too often. That I’m letting the scared kid inside of me run the show . Yet another reason why GLM & Ascension V2 are probably the best option for me at this time.


I’m feeling a bit better than I was from my previous post but also worse. I was at home all day today so I have been running GLM & Ascension V2 all day. I feel better in that I’m not down on myself in any way but also feel worse in that I’m beyond frustrated with my current situation and determined as fuck to improve it as quickly as possible.


I ran Ascension V2 by itself all night last night. I feel like my subconscious is handling the single audio focus better as it is able to work through what it needs to instead of feeling overwhelmed. I seem to do better in general when I am minimalistic about what ever it is I’m focused on. I have been embraced aspects of minimalism for several years but I hadn’t really thought about how it applies to mental and emotional work and self improvement until now.


I honestly feel after rereading the sales page for Ascension that it hits the nail on the head as to what I need and should focus on for the foreseeable future. I finally understand this is a process that has to be worked


I’ve been dealing with some personal issues the last several days so I haven’t been listening to anything plus I really want to run Regeneration for no less than six months when it’s released in less than a week so Ascension may have to wait for a bit


I can’t describe it well because it’s something that happens to me fleetingly. Like something you could just see from the corner of your eye and it’s gone before you can focus your attention on it. And then it doesn’t happen again for weeks/months.
But you just put words on this feeling, thanks!


Listening to Ascension V2 and Godlike Masculinity and plan to continue with those two even after I can purchase Regeneration and Primal to add to my stack. I highly recommend being careful with Godlike Masculinity as if you aren’t doing anything productive or are unable to at that time , you will get bored and incredibly frustrated very quickly


How would GLM lead to those feelings?


It’s pushy. And if you aren’t acting on those urges, it’ll aggravate the hell out of you.


Isn’t that the case with all subliminals though? The business ones, the sex ones, etc


No, of course not. Some subliminals are more pushier than others. Limitless, for example, probably won’t make you feel frustrated if you’re not out actively learning.


Where as Emperor does push you a lot or tries too.


Exactly. If you aren’t taking action you will get aggravated very quickly


Does this still hold true ? When doing unproductive things does GM still frustrate you and push you do do more productive things ?
If this still holds true i might have just found the solution to not being lazy and doing unproductive things anymore lol


Interested for this answer too


@Grimm1390 Yes it does still hold true. Be careful though as I found myself going crazy if I wasn’t doing something. It’s also helped me a lot with my current situation that free time isn’t an option