Ascension + Primal Seduction


Just thinking of running the two as a stack…
Would it be too much?
Would one be redundant over the other?
Would rotating listening days work?


It’s not too much
it’s been done before and is being done now
they would not
don’t know? I would imagine you’d do better with a primary for two days on and then a secondary on the third day rather than one on one off. You could rotate the primary week by week or month by month.

Here’s some more info on the differences and how they work together

I’m literally copying and pasting the same thing I copied and pasted before

SaintSoverign mentioned that this guy nailed it-later in the thread


Now, I am simply guessing at this point, but here’s my point on primal and ascension.

First of all, I think that both Primal and Ascension covers a bit of the same, but they do in each their way. And here is what I think:

Ascension : Ascension is more an alpha subliminal. Don’t mistake Primal for this, just try to follow me. Now being an alpha usually does not mean that it is the one who gets laid all the time (it is my version of an alpha, yours may differ). But an alpha is someone who takes leading as the most natural thing to do in life. An alpha goes his own way and shapes his own future, life etc. An alpha simply does what makes sense to him. That also indicates that an alpha is someone of status, someone who knows and wants to become someone, not just another sheep in the herd, but the one that actually will take on the wolf and try to challenge it (i.e. life). Women wants to be around an alpha because he often showcases status and a future of a man able to rest in himself. She does not have to worry about him clinging to her because, she will have to hold on to him if she does not want to lose him.
That is also another reason to, why people will want to be around him, since there is a chance something good could get to them.

With Ascension covered, lets try to move on to Primal.
Again, I will point out that I do not know anything about the subs, I am simply guessing how they could compliment each other.

Primal : Being primal is quite another thing. It’s the same as being “wild”. The wild man. The wild man does not necessarily hang on to status. He simply does what he needs to do right here right now. He is dominant by nature, because that is what the primal man is. He does not have the need to repress his instincts. He is sexual, masculine and simply does not care what others think of him. In our society, the wild man does not really exist, because he has been tamed to fit into rules of the feminine society. However, every man has something wild inside them - it’s there to be unleashed, but 99,9% of men do not do that, because we are afraid of what others might think - that society will expel us.
In public women despise the primal man simply because he is too much. He is too dominant, too sexual, his raw energy simply blasts them away. But subconsciously, women wants the primal man in bed. Because of his nature, because he wants to show that he is wild - that no one will get to decide his fate or future.

How do they compliment each other then? Simple, each has their own strength,

While being alpha could imply a person knowing how to get things done and also be quite masculine, there is a chance he does not have his primal side unleashed yet. The primal side of life has often been thrown so far away, since our society dictates that.
A primal man does not fear anything and is a dominant person by nature, but that does not mean he is the alpha. Becoming an alpha simply because you are dominant does not guarantee that. Already well trained and alphas by nature will always find the smart way to play this person, making the dominant mans strenght their asset.

By combining both, you get the best of both worlds. You get to enhance your alpha power and unleash your primal side of life. Being on top of both is simply, the ultimate male. Add in some financial control and muscle, and you will become unstoppable.


Looks like a good combo then