Ascension, Primal Seduction and Spartan


This is my new stack, though I have been running Primal and then later Prim Sed, and Spartan, since last October, other than a break for the EmpQ trial.

I have never run Asc before, but this looks to me like a kind of ultimate alpha stack. As far as full on alpha titles the only one I’ve run before is Emp. Asc seems like a more stripped down surgical tool.

I am also running Aegis a bit at my office. Trying to decide If I will keep that up or not. I have been running it in some capacity since it was released.


Nothing yet to report after about 24 hours of adding Ascension to my stack, but I am excited to see how it might more quickly shift things as it is a more focused product than, say, Emperor.

I had considered buying Stark, as it is a very attractive program to me, but I thought it would be useful to run Ascension for a while before putting Stark into my stack.


I feel a certain dominance and cockiness going out and running errands. It feels like a sort of inflation of that part of myself. This is an early manifestation of this energy and at this point it is like it is “floating” on my personality. I am sure it will start to integrate more as I keep listening, but I never felt this kind of feeling with Emperor.


I am running ascension also and yes I feel the same…for me it makes me really pushy and I want to like instigate something with people…I also noticed like a no fear feeling in me…


I have not left my house yet today, but I am feeling a kind of freeform anger directed at nothing really. This seems like it must be an aspect of reconciliation. This seems to be getting me really keyed up.


I am just amazed at how pissed off I am today, and for no identifiable reason.


Do u use pheromones?


I do, why do you ask?


Saw ur reviews on pherotruth…can u PM me…


Sent you a pm.

I don’t post on pherotruth any more. I got tired of that forum.

I still use pheromones.


Still fucking massively pissed off. It is clouding my brain.


It is just not abating.


I am so massively frustrated today.


This was a strange sensation that I attribute to Ascension but I noticed at one moment feeling very centered in my masculine self, having a sense of my musculature resting upon the armature of my skeleton and feeling confidence in my strength.


I have just been walking around thinking to myself, what a terrible day this has been, with no real reason to even feel that way, really. But still I feel it.

I suppose it was good to add Ascension as it seems to be brewing discord, the stuff of change.




Still pissed off. Unable to sleep. Will this be the new normal as long as I run ASC?


Waking up at nearly 4 am. Still unsettled. Still pissed. I have slept, but can one have angry sleep, I suppose.

I have a feeling of having fucked up everything.


Reconciliation. I hate this kind. I already have a rather intense, dominant personality and when this happens, it just goes into absolute overdrive. I generally have to just hide away for the day.


Thanks, Saint. Yeah, that is pretty much what I did. I am still feeling it some this morning. Just on edge. Restless. Unsettled.

I know its Ascension, as I have been running Primal Seduction and before it Primal, and Spartan since mid October, other than the EmpX test.

You can tell that Ascension is a smaller more focused alpha program than say Emperor, because it hits you hard pretty much immediately. I only started running it late Friday afternoon.