Ascension or Emperor Core?


Alright so I’m currently in the midst of building my personal subliminal. I’ve nailed down all the supporting modules I want and even decided that I want it at the T2 power level (still have to take stark T for a test run though).

I don’t seem to be getting too clear a picture between the Ascension and Emperor differences so I’ll ask this.

What exactly is the Emperor core? How does it effect someone running it. I’ve only used the versions of emperor that have ascension, mogul and sex mastery attached. Basically versions 3-5.

What does the actual core of emperor itself do when everything else is stripped away. Would like to know because I basically seek to create a custom sub that focuses me on becoming the BEST and MOST POWERFUL man I can become without focusing me on money, sex, women or romance since I’ve grown beyond wanting any of that.

I have a good idea of what ascension core does which aim at making you an alpha but I seek to become something greater. Should I get both cores? Or if I get emperor core would adding ascension be redundant?


Never mind answered my own question


Why have you decided that you want your custom at power level T2, especially considering that you haven’t even tested Terminus for a longer period? From what I understand, there isn’t a lot of data on how well people respond to T2. It seems quite risky since customs are still kinda pricey.


what was the answer!?

I remember reading that Emperor Core module has ascension, mogul, and sex mastery scripted into it but I could be remembering with bias


Simply my decision. If I’m going custom then why not have it be the most powerful I can have it made?


I’m going with ascension.