Ascension LITE journal

Started Ascension LITE yesterday night. Did 9 loops.

Can’t say I notice anything inside or outside.

I did have a dream. Don’t know if its related to running the sub. I don’t really like talking about dreams, and won’t be talking too much about them in the future if I get them, as I only care about results, but I will mention this dream as its my first post in the journal.

First in this dream I challenged a werewolf with red eyes to a fight. Then I somehow got transported somewhere else. I saw kid goku from dragonball z and a few other monster looking guys. They were going to race. Before saying 3,2,1, GO. Goku punched all the guys. Then he was like “sorry was that against the rule”. Goku then got beaten up by all the guys and then I woke up.

Kind of weird but lets see if I see any real results.

Vivid or profound dreams that you normally don’t have are the first sign that you’re processing information. Don’t limit your observations to only “real results,” which usually ends with the individual discounting everything that happens out of the ordinary. The fact that your dream involved you asserting yourself against and challenging dream figures that represent powerful archetypes indicates that you’re processing the script – considering Ascension IS a personal power subliminal.

I get it – you want to see tangible things occurring in your life. However, remember the axiom “as above, so below,” which means your external life is reflected off your inner life. Don’t neglect these dreams – analyze what aspects of your life they represent and learn from them. Then take action.


Its been around 25 days and I still have yet to notice anything.

I’ve been listening 8 loops a day after the first night.

Seems like a dud sub

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Clearly, it isn’t a “dud sub,” considering the amount of good reviews and positive experiences that the majority of our customers are receiving. I’m willing to bet that if I prodded a bit, you either:

  1. DID have results, but are refusing to attribute it to Ascension LITE for one reason or another
  2. Ignored the subliminal pushing you to do something new, expecting it to make magic happen without you taking no action whatsoever.

We’ve been in this game for a long time and we’ve seen and heard it all – all kinds of excuses not to take action and blame a producer’s subliminal. You were having odd dreams at first (the NUMBER ONE SIGN your subconscious is receiving and decoding the input), vanished for a month, then came back just to pop up and blame the sub.

What action did you take this month?

Calm down.

I had the dream the first night and not much dreams after that.

I didn’t have any result.

The subliminal didn’t push me to do anything new.

What action was I suppose to take this month? I went about my life as normal.

I started last night and I noticed a change already. I feel wayyy more alpha

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And there’s the problem.

It’s not the subliminal’s job to “push you to do anything new.” Normal is the paradigm you wish to change, otherwise you wouldn’t be running subliminals. However, if you continue to just go about life as “normal,” of course you’re going to get lackluster results.

There’s no scripting in it anywhere to make you do anything. What it DOES do is help remove internal barriers, as well as challenge your subconscious. At the end of the day, it’s still up to you to take action – and that’s when you’ll see Ascension in play.


Emperor works I am feeling my fears coming to the surface and I am confronting them


I was listening to Ascension (paid version) this morning and had a bit of anxiety prior. Within ten minutes it was gone. Ascension is scary powerful


This reminds me of the story about a big elephant which was tied down by a tiny rope. The rope could hold him because when he was small he tried to escape and rope didn’t give way. When he grew up he saw the rope and he didn’t try to break it even though he could have done so easily.

What I’m worried about is the same thing happening to us. The subliminal could remove all the internal obstacles and prime us for achievement but unless something pushes us to change our routine we might never know what we are capable of. Unless the challenging of the subconscious does just that. Do the subliminals have modules that push us to explore our limits? Or do you rely on us to do so?


thanks for your notice, now i will but mini challenges for me to test the subliminal this the new way test the subs by taking actions i never take before :muscle:

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