Ascension Lite? I'll bite


Day Uno:
I set it and forgot it


Hmm the ultrasonic is pretty irritating to my ears. I checked on frequensee app and at my phones lowest volume its cutting close to -20db. I’m gonna have to stop for safety, I’d prefer not to lose my hearing.


That’s an issue COMPLETELY with your phone speakers and/or audio software, NOT Ascension Lite. The issue itself defies logic – there’s no way for us to create an audio file that can ignore your phone’s volume control.

If you’re going to listen to any ultrasonic subliminal, not just from this company, you should get this problem fixed.


It’s barely under -20db at 25% volume so I guess I’m safe


Anyways I am already seeing a noticeable affect on how I feel. I can’t really pinpoint in detail but I definetly feel different… my ascension is beginning :smiling_imp:


Holy crap this thing is strong. Things are happening like I feel A LOT more alpha. I feel an explosive energy inside me and I feel unstoppable and most of all POWERFUL. I must be very receptive or something, its only been 1 day so far and I only listened for 2 hours. I am very aware of myself so I can easily notice changes and I am impressed so far. I have a very strong desire to DO things and TAKE ACTION. I also notice some strange feelings of anxiety


Most likely the reconciliation process. Ascension LITE is causing your subconscious to question itself, so it spits up a sense of anxiety to get you to stop. This initial burst of energy and drive is very common, as some part of your subconscious REALLY likes what it’s hearing. Don’t be shocked if it levels off a bit, though, as Ascension’s input becomes common.

Happy hunting!


thank for writing this comment , i experience the same while using my phone and didn’t know why, but using the laptop i didn’t have that issue.