Ascension:Initiation to Manhood


I remember a year or so ago another subliminal provider stated that their Alpha Male program would and can be highly beneficial to those men such as myself who were mainly raised by women and had very little to no father figure growing up or if the did have a father around he wasn’t in any way a strong masculine person or role model. Can the same or more be said for Ascension?


Hmm, yes. Ascension and other masculine products can bring out what all humans know on a deeper level - how a powerful, masculine man acts and is.

Ultimately though, you do not need a role model/guide on the path to manhood. You already know it, you simply need to continuously forge yourself into the general direction of the man you desire to become.

Things then naturally clear up as you take action on yourself. It will take longer because of your earlier experiences, but if you persist at it, you will get there. And you will get there by your own hands and mind, not by being forced into it.

Take it as a challenge, and then crush it.


Would you say Ascended Mogul has the same qualities?


Would you say Ascended Mogul has the same qualities?

Yes, since it contains the scripts of Ascension with Mogul combined.


Ok thank you. Wasn’t sure if it has the complete scripts of those or just parts.


I cannot guarentee that the scrips are one to one exact, because noone except the makers can say that, but it should contain most of the script,so that you would not miss out of anything important, if anything.

If the mentioned issue is a important for you, maybe Ascension would be better, because of the narrow focus of the program.


Challenge Accepted


@JCast looks like I have similar situation as yours. I am raised by my parents, but my mother is more dominant than my father. She is still in charge of many things, decisions of my family. I remember, I fear her a lot from my childhood. It is also true that I also get lots of support from her all the time, which makes my relation with her better than my relation with my father. It is possible that many of my behaviours today are result of those “feminine” domination of my mother, and the fear as well. I will write about my story in a separate post later. Now, I don’t want to blame my father for his weakness, and I don’t want to blame anyone else. I believe Ascension will guide me to become a very masculine, strong, self-supporting man. I want to reborn!


They’re pretty much one-to-one exact.


Very true . It is just incredibly frustrating being almost 51 years old and feeling like this.


People do that. We’re just humans. I get what you mean. I am young, but I already have my regrets. Sadly, the focus on that makes me experience the sadness, which becomes the ‘‘past example’’ and subconscious creates the future from past examples of ‘‘feelings’’.

I hope you’ll have the best time reframing that into something more positive and useful. :slight_smile:


Thank you @vadc . I am taking the advice that @Fire provided and I’ve stopped looking for a role model or guide on my path to manhood. He’s right in that I have always known I have desired to become . Now it’s just a matter of time and action to eliminate anything that is keeping me from being that person.


JCast, JCast, he’s our man,
If he can’t do it, for him no one can,
If you can’t do it now and today,
I know tomorrow, you’ll find a way!

Hurrah :smiley: Some freestyle poetry.

Although, tomorrow is today… but then I’d have to think about what rhymes and what not… eh…


Damn right I will find a way. It may not be obvious at the moment but I know it’s there.

Im interested to see what social results and effects you guys are having with ascension. I have been using ascended mogul for over a month now and im definitely seeing differences. Mainly i see people look at me more, and in an almost nervous kind of way or like they respect me more. It makes me feel kind of isolated socially too becouse people seem a bit nervous and reactive from my perspective. Women look at me alot more it seems. What kind of things are you guys noticing?


Is it pretty much one to one exact in Emperor, too?


Yes? No? Slightly altered?