Ascension for Women - Now Available


Ascension for Women is now available! Please note that Ascension for Women was made at the same time as Ascension, Mogul and Ascended Mogul, so it has NOT been upgraded to PrimalTech or any of the other recent optimizations. It also does not include a masked track, as @Fire and I weren’t creating those when the early titles.

Ascension for Women contains the most of same modules, but rewritten for women. It’s also missing a few modules that were written just for men, like “Godlike Masculinity,” but that doesn’t make it weaker. Ascension for Women is still incredibly powerful and effective.

We’ll be releasing the PrimalTech version of all our early subliminals within the next three months and those who purchase now will be entitled to a free update.



I know this might not be the right place but I have to ask. Is there any possibility of gender neutral subs? Maybe in the future for those of us married folks who can do the set and forget method. Be nice for both of us to listen to the mp3s together.


Some titles are already gender neutral by default: Limitless, Gaming Mastery X, Sex Mastery X, Muay Thai Mastery X, et. al. These subs have no need for messaging geared at any particular gender.

Subs like Ascension and Emperor, however, do. Men and women have different issues to deal with, and trying to make a universal sub means ignoring that fact, ultimately making the product less effective.


Awesome. I will have my wife look at those and see if she wants to try a few. Thanks.