Ascension experiences & questions about mixing


I’ve been running Ascension Ex Machina 7-16 hrs a day for 2 weeks, and this is the first subliminal I’ve used. I’m looking to improve my confidence, avoid procrastination, get a sales job, and improve my skills with women. I understand the techniques for sales+success with women, but I usually lack the confidence and assertiveness to execute them.

First few days: mild headache (even at very low volumes), gave me some vivid dreams, made me feel a bit more tired, made me slightly less willing to sugar coat what I was saying, and felt an internal pressure to take action instead of procrastinating.

For the last 10 days: no change in assertiveness or confidence, haven’t had any dreams related to being Alpha or working through fears. Feels like it’s not doing anything.

I’m strongly tempted to start running Ascended Mogul or Emperor on top of 7 cycles of Ascension. Is this a reasonable idea, or would I be better off continuing to run Ascension for at least the 3 month period?


I would give it a full 30 days to gauge what’s going on. You’re attempting to change patterns that have been with you your entire life. It will take more than two weeks to see these changes. You can refer to the support article How Long Does It Take for Subliminal Messages to Work?

Personally, I go through peaks and valleys with noticing results.

It doesn’t mean nothing is happening, but that things aren’t as obvious as they once were.

I’d equate it to the difference between accelerating and maintaining your speed as you drive.

Accelerating is always fun, but once you’re going at that speed, your awareness shifts to other things. You may not notice your speed until something new comes up. Then you’ll be able to more easily gauge what’s happening. This is directly coded into the script in the form of a “naturalizer” that aims to make change as easy and seamless as possible.

Often times I don’t notice things until people tell me that I’ve changed.

That or I review my journal and realize that I’m acting quite differently to how I acted before.

You also have to be putting in effort to create the changes you want, as the subs only assist you in getting what you want. Things should be much easier since the sub will be actively helping you.

Whether or not you should add Ascended Mogul or Emperor depends on the reason why you’re adding them.

Are you looking to see more results? Or are they genuinely in line with your goals?

EMPEROR and Ascended Mogul have the core scripts of Ascension, but they also have a dozen other modules not related to your goal, so it may take additional time for your goals to manifest.

You could also run them and see if the new technology in them may be more effective at overcoming your resistance.

If price isn’t an issue I’d definitely experiment.


I would listen to the same sub as much as possible for three months without adding any other programs in. After three months of one program you can assess what, if anything, has occurred, and decide what your next plan of action should be.

If you stick with one and listen as much as possible for three months you won’t have any doubts. It either caused noticeable change or it didn’t.


Another reason might simply be, that you are listening at a too low volume, or there’s something wrong with your speakers or something not related to subliminals like that. Try and check how you are listening again. Sometimes for example I forget to set the player to repeat, and I’m sitting there for hours listening to nothing at all.


I like to use the masked version of Emperor. I keep the volume pretty high and know it is going.

For most of my listening I prefer having the masked sub.


Thanks for the super detailed answer. I want to work on all areas of my life right now (other than fitness), I just figured that confidence was the best thing to attack first. I’ve never found affirmations to be effective, and I seem to have a hard time getting rid of negative beliefs, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not getting super fast results like some people have.

I’ve learned tools for effectively working through negative beliefs, so I’m mostly frustrated that it’s not digging them up faster. I’ll keep going with it until the end of 30 days, and then decide whether I want to stack something else on.


Couple things –

I know this isn’t the answer you’ll want to hear, but everyone’s results are vastly different. Here’s one thing you can be sure of – if you’re noticing more vivid dreams, fatigue and a slight urge to stop sugar coating things, you can be assured that the sub is doing SOMETHING. But as @Alexander so accurately and eloquently posted above, sometimes, it’ll feel like you’re experiencing nothing, because the subs are designed to be very, very smooth.

I’m one of the creators of these damn things, and when I test the subliminals, I sometimes fall for the “is this thing even working” trap. Boredom is one of the responses the subconscious tends to throw at you. Not quite sure what causes it, but it’s a very clever trick to get you to stop doing the subliminal. Keep at it. That being said:

Try regular Ascension. Ex Machina may be too much for your subconscious to handle at this point. The script is the same – only the build method is different.

Also, like Alexander said – take action. The sub works best when you’re taking action on something. Seriously, even saying “hello” to a pretty woman that you normally wouldn’t, or messaging a woman on a dating site that’s “out of your league” would help. Taking action kicks the subliminal into high gear and it’s when you’ll start noticing the most extreme results.

We’ve had customers e-mail think nothing is happening, then go out and say “hello” to a beautiful woman, only to end up going out on dates and more.


Thanks for the response, I was actually hoping for one from you when I made the thread. I switched to regular Ascension like you said, and I’ve been doing a ton of releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions lately with other tools. Almost out of the blue, I have 1 sales job offer, an interview tomorrow with a better company that I don’t think I’d even applied for, and an opportunity with another one. I don’t know exactly how much of this is the subliminal, but at bare minimum it helped give me the motivation to work through these issues using other methods. Excited to see what results I get in the coming weeks!


Congratulations! Sales is one of the most lucrative careers out there. The best thing about sales is that you’re completely in control of your career.

The thing is, you took action. When you took action, the subliminal programming “kicks in,” and you begin to get good results. There’s this huge misconception that you can just sit back and do nothing, and magic will happen. For your subconscious to manifest opportunities and the such, you have to DIRECT it. Subliminals provide a roadmap, but you still have to DRIVE.


Can you share which tools you used to release limiting beliefs and negative emotions?


Sedona Method and one of its derivatives, Effortless Life System. (mods can delete if mentioning other products isn’t allowed).


We welcome discussion of non-subliminal based products that you may use for self-development. Please, however, limit discussion of direct subliminal competitors.


Just got and accepted an offer with the company I didn’t think I even applied for! The position sounds like exactly what I want but didn’t even realize existed, fast advancement, fast learning and high income. I’ve done even more conscious work on releasing limiting beliefs and accepting positive beliefs with Sedona Method, and even though I still feel very approval-seeking in interviews, I’m more comfortable. I also realized that one reason I’m not seeing dramatic changes in how alpha I act is that my vision of an Alpha male is basically what’s in RSD’s Blueprint; it’s a very chill style of alpha, not in people’s faces or trying to control them, so of course it’d be subtle.

I can’t recommend the combo of these subs and Sedona Method enough; Ascension digs up your limiting beliefs and keeps pushing you towards your goals, Sedona Method allows you to integrate the limiting beliefs much faster than you could without it, and you don’t have the long period of feeling shitty until they’re integrated during sleep. I’ve formally studied self-development for almost 3 years now, read ~70 books, tried all sorts of stuff, and this combo is the best thing I’ve found by far. Strongly considering getting Ascended Mogul or Emperor, since I’ll be switching to a work focus when I start my new job in a few days. Thanks again SubClub, you’ve helped me break a rut I’ve been trying to get out of for almost 15 months!


Congratulations man! That’s thrilling to hear. Just to think, 9 days ago you stated “it feels like its not doing anything.” Now you’ve passed a big turning point in your life.

Keep at it and you’ll see a lot more victories.

I’d also recommend Ascended Mogul for you as you begin your job. AM paired with your own efforts will have you absolutely kill it at work.